Colleen Bonnivier Memorial Cookies

Posted by Anne Yorks on Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm back from a fantastic beach vacation in the sweet little town of Avalon, NJ. Before I left I had plans to prewrite a few blog posts and then publish them while I was lounging beachside. But, best laid plans and all that, I only managed to get ourselves packed and ready the house before leaving. I'm happy to be home and I'm even happier that I have some fun cookie projects that still need to be shared.

If Picasso had his rose period and his blue period, well then I think I'm going through an airbrush phase.  It's just a lot of fun to use, more than I anticipated. I am still testing and getting used to the trigger and the speeds. Sometimes I blast too hard and other times...I'm just too trigger shy. I'm still trying to get just the right touch. I have a feeling it's sort of like using an icing bag...it just takes a little practice to get the pressure and movement just right. 

A good friend asked me to donate cookies for a local golf tournament benefiting the Colleen Bonnivier Memorial and ovarian cancer research. Colleen's sister, Kathy, is the organizer of the tournament and memorial.

I made chocolate cookies and used the color scheme from the tournament logo. I love the combination of aqua and purple. It's just so pretty!

Each of the hearts have an airbrushed purple border. You might also notice that each 'inspiring' word on the heart has a capital letter. Those letters spell out Colleen's name. 

I used the flower image from the memorial logo. 

Ever so slightly, I airbrushed the edges of the petals. It's super hard to see in the photo, but I liked that it added a little color variation to the flower. I also sprinkled a bit of disco dust on them to give them some shimmer. 

I recently picked up a LARGE ribbon cookie cutter (I think it is an Ann Clark cutter - some of my favorites are from Ann Clark), and was super happy to have a reason to use it on this order.

My friend told me that the donation was very appreciated. I'm happy to contribute in a small way to such an important cause - ovarian cancer research. Actually, so far in 2012, I have donated more than 220 cookies to various charitable events. I'm 'booked' for donations through the fall, but have appreciated these opportunities to give back to my community that provides me with so much both professionally and personally!

Have a sweet week,



  • Kathy

    Jun 25, 2012

    Anne: thank you thank you thank you for the beautifully decorated cookies. I was so taken aback when I saw them I had to fight back the tears. They were so beautiful and you immitated the logo perfectly. The person who won them is an ovarian cancer survivor; so perfect. thank you again you are fabulous and have been over the years. Kathy Moore of the Colleen Bonnivier Memorial Fund. <3

  • Paula

    Jun 24, 2012

    Glad you had a nice vacation. Your cookies for this ovarian cancer research tournament are simply beautiful.

  • Donna of Carroll's Cookies n Crumbs

    Jun 24, 2012

    Truly beautiful cookies, coordinated so well with the logo. It doesn’t look like you need practice with airbrushing. Perfection!

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