Number 2 LARGE Cookie Cutter


Get the perfect cut every time with the Ateco stainless steel large number 2 cutter! Made of high-quality stainless steel.  With its smooth sides and sharp blades this cake cutter will allow you clean, uniform cuts.

This cutter is easy to clean and care for, and with its with its secure welding, reinforcing cross bar handles, and rigid form, it's strong enough to hold up to repeat use. To use, simply remove your baked cake from its pan and cut, pressing the cutter down with even pressure.  Size 11" x 7 3/16" .

Cutter Care Instructions

After use, carefully hand wash the cutter with warm, soapy water. Do not put cutters in dishwasher. Once clean, fully dry using a soft towel! This will prevent rust and keep your cutters beautiful for years and years!