Shape Shifters TWO Cookie Cutter Set



Sweet Sugarbelle's Shape Shifters Cookie Cutter Set is more than just an assortment of basic cookie cutters. The set includes: 20 cookie cookie cutters, 40 templates, 11 instruction cards, and 3 recipe cards to help your creative cookie decorating started! Cutter shapes: Butterfly, Girl Face, Basket, Skull, Hat, Slice of Bread,Candy Jar, Princess, Sun, Lion Head, Snowman Head, Baby Head, T-Shirt, Jersey, Car, Puppy Head, Emoji, Ice Cream Cone, Bear Head, Frog Head, Turkey, Flower, Dress, Hippo Head, Princess Head, Fish, Leprechaun Head, Lion, Tooth, Puppy Head, Popsicle,  Tombstone, unicorn Head, Whip Cream, Pot of Gold, Fox Head, Star, One Piece Bathing Suit and Basketball Jersey.