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Espresso Yourself Cookie Scribe DIY Kit


The Espresso Yourself Cookie Scribe DIY Kit has everything you need to create TWO unique and custom scribe tools. Mix and Match your beads to make your own designs! Each kit includes 2 stainless steel heart scribes with a bead stopper and tip safety stopper. The kit also has 12 beads in assorted sizes and colors. Typically 4-6 beads fit on a scribe. The kit includes a few extra beads to make mixing and matching super fun, so you may have 1 or 2 beads leftover. Keep them so you can remix your scribes to keep your cookie tools fresh and fun! Kit also includes instruction card. CLICK HERE to watch the tutorial and learn how to make your own scribes!

The Cookie Scribe is a fun tool essential to cookie decorating. Use your cookie scribe to tap icing into place, pop air bubbles, or create interesting designs in icing. Scribe is made from stainless steel and comes packaged with a bead stopper and tip safety stopper. The scribe measures 4.8” in length. Scribe beads are the highest quality, non-toxic and easy to clean with mild soap and water! They are 100% Food Grade Silicone - 100% Non-toxic, tasteless and odorless - BPA Free - Lead Free - PVC Free - Mercury Free - Phthalates Free - Cadmium Free

Keep the safety stopper on the end when not in use and keep out of reach of children. Lead & nickel free. 

Care Instructions: Hand wash and pat dry; not recommended for dishwasher use.