How to Decorate an Easter Bunny

Posted by Anne Yorks on Monday, March 7, 2016

Making bunny cookies is one of my favorite designs! Really because we have a thing for bunnies in our house! Both of my girls have a very special Jelly Cat bunny. 

I wanted to use this cutter, but didn't want the big wide ears. 

I just love this set because it also comes with that adorable carrot cutter! This cutter set is available in our online shop here!


So, to get the ears just right I spent a little time sketching. It was sort of an evolution. Check this instagram video to see the variations :) ....


The evolution of an Easter Bunny cookie design. I think I'm close!

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Would you like to see the final design? Here is a start to finish YouTube video look at the Easter Bunny cookie!

Here are a few tips on how to decorate this cookie using royal icing. Here is how I outlined the cookie. I used piping icing with tip #2.

Now the hard work is done. Time for fun!!

1. See outline suggestions above. I like to use tip #2.
2. Flood the gray icing. I loop just once around the ears to keep a thin line of color. 
3. Then I flood the top of the head. DRY for a few hours before moving to the neighboring areas.
4. Then flood the face white. 
5. Flood the ears white and using a #1.5 tip, add the pink dots. This is a wet-on-wet technique. DRY both ears and face for a few hours before moving to the details.
6. Using a thin pipe consistency (20 sec), add black eyes with tip #1.
7. Add white reflection dot using tip #1. 
8. Pipe pink heart nose. I am using the same pink flood consistency I used on the ears. This will keep that nose nice and smooth. A #1.5 gives good control over the shape.
9. Blush the cheeks with flamingo pink dust (available here).
10. Using a thin black foodoodler marker (available here), add face line. 
11. Using a thin black foodoodler marker (available here) add whiskers.
12. Using pipe consistency and #1 tip, add small smile!


I love the gray version, but I bet this bunny design would also be really cute with a pastel pink...I might just try it out! 

Happy Decorating!