The Basics

Cookie decorating should be fun. I mean, really, we’re talking about COOKIES here! Delicious, beautiful cookies! No need to be overwhelmed. Just start with the basics! Click here to find my sugar cookie and icing recipes, tutorials on how the process works and more!

Let's Get Started

Meet Anne Yorks

I’m Anne Yorks, creator of The Flour Box, and with 10 years of experience under my belt, I understand what it means to feel stressed about cookie decorating. You want to create cookies with joy but you start comparing yourself to others and then you get overwhelmed by the whole process and what if you don’t have all the supplies or what if you have all the wrong supplies and…and...and….YIKES! Let me tell you, I have been there! Sure, I’ve had cool opportunities to create cookies for the Big Bang Theory and Neiman Marcus but I promise you, I have had many, many, MANY cookie-decorating failures and frustrations. But do you know what I’ve learned? Creating cookies with joy is all about having the right tools and great tutorials. That’s what The Flour Box is all about - educating and equipping YOU, the cookie artist. Why not start with this Baby Cookie Decorating Kit?

Happy Decorating!

PS: Did you know I wrote an EBOOK teaching you all of the ins and outs of hosting a cookie decorating class? You can download it today!


You watch a tutorial!

Raise your hand if you love an inspiring tutorial! I’ll walk you through the decorating process to make it easier for you to do on your own.


You shop!

Do you need one thing or several things to create the cookies? Either way, The Flour Box has you covered!


You have a total blast!

Throw away all of your fears and start decorating sweet, yummy, AMAZING cookies! You’ve got this!

Take an Online Cookie Class

With more than 30 Online Classes available, you can jump into cookie decorating from the comfort of your own home!

Each online cookie decorating class is taught by Anne Yorks. Classes includes a recording and a class prep guide with recipes! Classes are added to your class dashboard and can be rewatched on demand!

How does the online class recording work? Online classes are so much fun because you decorate together with Anne in real time. Register for the class and pick up any needed supplies on Once you register, you will get an email with the class prep guide and a link to the recording of the class.  You can save and print the class prep guide that includes a materials list, icing color guide, and recipes. Watch the class on-demand as often as you'd like. Purchased classes will also be added to your online class dashboard in your account on

Registration and Class Supplies options: If you already have the needed supplies, you can register for the class only. Or you can add on a full class kit or the cutter bundle and save 10% on both the class and supplies. 

CLICK HERE and Register for Class Today!

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