How to Decorate a Happy Graduate Cookie

Posted by Anne Yorks on Tuesday, May 3, 2016

It's officially graduation season! So I'm bringing out my favorite cookie cutter - the cupcake with swirl - to create a Happy Graduate tutorial!

Click to watch BOTH YouTube videos and learn how to make the Girl and Boy Graduate.



I love that these cookies be customized for the graduate. This custom order went to a group of graduates and so I got to create several skin tones and hair colors. The darker skin tone is Americolor Copper + Americolor Warm Brown. The lighter skin color is just a small dab of only the Americolor Copper. I used the warm brown to create the light and dark brown hair color (the darker color has a few extra drops of gel). The blonde hair is Americolor Gold. I prefer this over the Americolor Lemon Yellow for hair.

I find it quicker to decorate without a projector, so I use guide dots to help set off the design. Like this ... 

Adding guide dots in the beginning gives me confidence when I'm piping the outlines.

Does that cutter look familiar? It's the Cupcake with Swirl. And it is free today (May 3) with your $10 supplies purchase. No coupon code necessary - the cutter will be automatically added to your order box before shipping!


Can you tell it is my favorite cutter!? Just look at all these designs created with the Cupcake with Swirl!

I now have 12 cookie videos that feature this cupcake cookie cutter! Check them out on the the Flour Box YouTube Channel

PLUS...we have a few more graduation themed tutorials coming soon - the Grad Cupcake, diploma, and Grad Cap will be posted on YouTube!

Happy Decorating!