How to Decorate a Bride Cookie Favor

Posted by Anne Yorks on Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It is wedding cookie season!! To celebrate, we created a new Bride Cookie tutorial!


Isn't she so cute?! We made a ton of these a few weeks ago, here come the brides...

Check out the video on how to create this cookie using our very own Princess/Peacock cookie cutter!

In this video we use a food safe brush to create a thin layer of icing for the veil. Check out this brush guide for other uses for the 5 pc Wilton food safe brushes that are now available in our shop.

These soft, synthetic bristles are food-safe for all decorating applications. I like these brushes best because the bristles don't fall out leaving behind tiny hairs on my cookies!

1. Use the liner brush to paint thin lines and fine details.

2. The round brush is perfect for blushing cheeks using our FDA approved carnation pink dust. This brush is also great for painting broad thin to thick lines and details.

3. I like the small flat brush for brush embroidery details like on the wedding gown. This brush is also great for shading and blending colors.

4. I used the angled flat brush to creating thin icing layers like the veil. The angled flat brush lets you shade and paint curved strokes, petals and larger details with ease.

5. I mostly use the wide flat brush for applying cornstarch to airbrushed cookies to prevent color spreading/blending. The cornstarch absorbs the excess moisture from the airbrush. Also, paint and blend larger areas and make broad, bold strokes with the wide flat brush. 

This 5 pc brush set is available online here.

The bride cookie favor is definitely a time-intensive project. If you're looking to create a quick and easy accent cookie, consider a stenciled wedding design!

This new Mr. & Mrs. Stencil would make a great accent cookie. Check out this stencil and more here online!


Looking for a variety of Wedding cookie cutters? Our shop carries dozens of options with prices starting at $1.99 for most cutters!


Finally...coming VERY SOON...the new Sweet Sugarbelle line of cookie cutters.


We are beyond excited about this new collection! Stay tuned for updates and special promotions surrounding the launch of these cutters!

Happy Decorating!