April Cookie School Recap

Posted by Anne Yorks on Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Last weekend, I hosted the Flour Box Cookie School decorating basics class. What a lot of fun! Here's a sweet recap of the class! Flour Box Bakery is located in Zion/Bellefonte, PA (10 mins from Penn State). For more info on cookie school, the 2014 schedule, our sponsors, and to register, click here!)



Meet the students!! These ladies were awesome! Many were decorating cookies for the first time and jumped in feet first and created some really great projects!



But before the students arrive, there is a lot of prep and set-up work! I love getting the room ready. The class size is small 8-10 students per class. Which is great because there is a lot of one-on-one attention and a fun class dynamic that happens with the small group.



Each decorating station is set and ready. In this class, we used the Notta Cookie (order yours here)! It's a pretend cookie that is great for practicing without the pressure! We tried a few techniques on the Notta cookie before moving to the real thing!



In the basics class, each student receives a Cookie School binder. It has my basic recipes, tips, resources and a few helpful practice sheets.


Plus, students get a goodie bag with a few special surprised from the class sponsors! See those awesome white window boxes? I used the BRP boxes for my students to take their projects home in style.

Actually, we chatted a bit about cookie packaging.



One of the best ways to dress up a beautiful cookie is to add a ribbon. I like the ribbon from Ribbon by Design! I ordered ribbon with my Flour Box Bakery logo! Isn't it so cute!?


The class is hands-on! I explain and demonstrate the cookie design and then it's show time for the students! 


Students have the opportunity to use my tools and supplies to make their masterpieces!


There is lots of hard work and concentration. 


A mother and daughter registered for the class. They worked so nicely next to each other and it was fun to have them in the class!


We did an airbrush project in this class. Thank you Cookie Countess Stencils for providing samples for the students!!


Airbrush practice making gingham cookies! Do you see the practice on the Notta Cookie?


Meet Sarah, a first-time decorator! She did awesome and is coming back for another class!


Can you believe it was her first time decorating!?! She's a pro! Lovely cookies, Sarah!!


Special thank you to the Cookie School Sponsors! This class would not be possible without your support! And thanks to the awesome students! I can't wait to see the cookies they create in the future using their new skills!

Flour Box Bakery is located in Zion/Bellefonte, PA (10 mins from Penn State) for more info on cookie school, the 2014 schedule, our sponsors, and to register, click here!)

Have a sweet day!



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