Hunt for the Perfect Cookie Cutter (and a cookie give-a-way)

Posted by Anne Yorks on Friday, February 5, 2010

You may not realize it, but a lot of thought and effort goes into each and every cookie before it ever gets to the website as a product. Here’s a little behind-the-scenes look at how a cookie is designed and created at Flour Box Bakery.

First, I brainstorm a big list of cookie design ideas. This Valentine’s Day I came up with 18 different collection themes and selected 5 of them to offer. One of the ideas on my must-do list was a lovebird theme. I started looking at birds and bird cookie cutters online. And then it hit me…I really wanted to do an Owl cookie. I had a mental image of a chunky, happy, lovey owl. Since I don’t make my own cutters (some people do), I began to search all of my favorite cookie cutter websites for the perfect owl. I like to shop on www.coppergifts.com, www.foosecookiecutters.com, www.karenscookies.net, and www.annclark.com. They each had an owl to offer, but it wasn’t chubby enough for me.

After hours of searching, I finally found this cookie cutter ‘The Funky Owl’ at The Squires Shop at www.squires-shop.com. They are located in England. It was perfect. Thankfully they ship to the US (It took about a week or so for the cutter to arrive).

Once the cutter arrived, I got out my favorite colored pencils, a gift from Topher two Christmas’ ago. I love these pencils because they have erasers.

I looked at a million pictures of owls and then I got to work. I wanted to sketch a Valentine owl and a baby shower owl. Here is my Valentine owl sketch…I definitely ice cookies better than I can draw them. Weird.

Then I put my ideas into action…here is the final product of the cookie. The feet are my favorite part of the cookie design. I don’t know why…they just make me smile!

So that’s it…that’s how a cookie is designed!

Now onto more important business…a cookie give-a-way! One lucky person will win a box of ‘Message Heart’ cookies. No purchase necessary…this is just for fun. Anyone can enter and here is how:

1. Post a comment (by clicking on the link just below the blog title) on what statement you would put on a candy ‘conversation heart’. Deadline to enter is MONDAY, FEBRUARY 8th. 2. One winner will be randomly chosen (through a hat drawing). 3. Check back on Tuesday, February 9th for the winner.

Good Luck!

Have a sweet day,