Bon Voyage!!

Posted by Anne Yorks on Friday, February 19, 2010

Traveling is awesome. I have traveled by car, plane and train, but my favorite mode of travel is cruise ship. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to cruise to a meeting or to church? I could deal with that. Stop at the pool or the buffet or play a little shuffle board while waiting to reach my destination. Yep. Sign me up. Plus, the little umbrellas in the drinks are so cute. Perfect for a Barbie doll on a rainy day. I would save my umbrella and give it to my little girl to use with her dolls.

This week I did a custom order for some travelin’ folks. A group is taking a one month trip to Thailand for a missions swap. Sounds kind of cool. I can’t imagine what an experience like that would be like. My customer let me choose the cookie shape and design. I went with a vintage suitcase cookie. I ordered a cookie cutter for the order, but unfortunately it arrived the day after I had hand-cut the cookies. Ugh. What timing!

When I was mixing the icing color for the main section of the suitcase, I was a little nervous. I am actually really pleased with the yellow/brown color. I think it is just right.

[FYI…Toph is eating one of my cookies as I write this blog and he just exclaimed, “Damn, these are good!” I think he is happy with his marriage choice right now.]

My favorite part of the cookie was the ‘Thailand or Bust’ sign hanging around the handle. You can almost see it in the picture if you take a close look. The black string on the sign isn’t even touching the suitcase. I iced it so that it really looked like a string. I think that is cool. Next time, I’ll try to get a better picture of that. I was rushing to take the photos because I had to get the ordered prepared for delivery.

If I were going to Thailand, I’d pack some cookies to bring to the people there. I would then attempt to exchange them with a local baker so that I could try some of their cookies. I really see cookies being an amazing peace offering.

I have a few more custom orders to show you. One of them was the biggest challenge of my career (thus far). I actually lost sleep over it. I’ll post it soon!

Have a sweet day,


P.S. Topher offered to post an article on my blog. I’m going to allow it, but I wanted to warn you. I can not be held responsible for his words. I can only imagine what he has to say. It will be a treat for you and me I’m sure!