My Birthday - Part Two (the presents)

Posted by Anne Yorks on Thursday, March 4, 2010

Before I get into the remaining details of my 31st birthday, I would like to announce that I finally figured out how to add a link to my blog posts. Shopify.com upgraded to a rich text editor and everything is 'what you see is what you get' (wysiwyg). Thank goodness. This makes my life MUCH easier. I can change text colors and sizes without monkeying around with 'textile'. Yeah! So, I apologize to anyone that I have referred to in previous posts that have not been linked. I'll try to go back and edit things. But, rest assured that from here on out, I'll be a linky McGee. 

Now for the presents :)

My first present arrived the morning of my birthday. It was from Topher. I 'LOVE' it! (pun intended)

I had to bake it right away. I was busy with a few orders this week. So I feel like I could do a better job, but the first try (without sketching ahead of time) worked out pretty well.

I also baked a few tulips to go with it and gave them to a good friend who is so deserving of cookies!!

That afternoon, I got a surprise visit from my father-in-law. He dropped this off ...

I LOVE coffee, and think it is going to taste even better from this new 'A' cup. Really, could it be anymore perfect? A pink 'A' and polka dots. This is only going to encourage my coffee addiction!! Of course, I love eating cookies with my coffee. Thanks Bubba!

Then I was off to dinner at my mom's house (see Tuesday's post). One of my hobbies, other than spending time in the kitchen, is reading. My mom is so sweet. Really, she is the greatest ever! She found a book that she thinks I'm going to love. 

Lunch in Paris, written by Elizabeth Bard (her blog), is a love story with recipes! I had read the JoAnn Fluke murder mysteries a few years ago and loved them. If you're not familiar, you can check those out at www.murdershebaked.com. So far, I have read the first few pages of Lunch in Paris and I haven't formed an opinion. I did breeze through the book to check out the recipes and they looked great. I'll give a you a full book report once I'm finished with it.

But, the gift that came at the end of the day was the most thoughtful and surprising. 

It's from my sister-in-law. The one that made this picnic set for my daughter for Christmas. Isn't it the cutest cake platter in the world? The 'doily' of course is handmade. And, it matches my kitchen amazingly well. Plus, there was one more handmade surprise.

I love the leaf. Here's the full deal.

So, with this post, my birthday comes to an end. What a special day. Thanks to all my family and friends for making me feel so special. 

Some cookie updates: I added nine new products to the site today. I'll be sending the e-newsletter tomorrow (Friday) with the updates. Want to get a copy of the e-newsletter...click on the link on the right side of the homepage

Have a sweet day!