Meet Sal

Posted by Anne Yorks on Sunday, March 7, 2010

I have someone very special to introduce to you today. 

Ladies, meet Sal. 


He's single and he's ready to mingle. Here are his stats:

Full Name: Sal  A. Mander (mother's name Sally)
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Astrology Sign: Pisces (of course)
Likes: Walks in the woods - especially near creeks and wetlands, Pina Coladas with an umbrella, Classical Music, Dancing in the Rain, and writing poetry
Favorite Poet: Robert Frost
Dislikes: Pesticides and Newt Gingrich
Romantic Dinner Menu: Earthworms, slugs and snails (basically things that move slower than Sal)
Talent/Party Trick: Sal will use tail autotomy to escape predators. If you're on a date and get into trouble, he'll drop off his tail. It will wriggle around for a little while, and then you can make your get away unnoticed while the predator is distracted. Salamanders routinely regenerate complex tissues. Within only a few weeks of losing a piece of limb, a salamander perfectly reforms the missing structure. This is great at parties too!
Sal aspires to be a poet

Seems like he's the full package! 

And did you see his cute hands?


So grippy and strong. 

And ladies, don't worry about the odds. Sal's got friends, lots of them.

So if you find Sal irresistible, contact him today and show him that nice guys don't always finish last!

Have a sweet day,


  • Peterkvq56245afsdfsaf5621

    Mar 05, 2021

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    BlogsCelebrating LifeCombecause ofting WordsSincere CondolencesTools difficult in the united states TimesWidow, every one of BlogsQ. had been pal’s biological father pretty much past away at any time, this departed from the household battling to write some kind of obituary during him or her. their live through made me colon cleanse create an obit when considering my very own 75 year old dad at present all the while I obtain time and composure. If I do it, i’m also able to ask him questions regarding what answers he’d will want charmdate me contain or survivors claims. are you currently counsel all of us on how to get started?such may appear to be a wonderful considered in my experience. It won’t save you plenty of anxiety but also hassles at a later time. grime developing the obit and conferring making use of your parent in order to inside can even be possibility to learn increased about your dog now to bond in his own technique.The simplistic strategies choose the person, age group ranges,ageing, practise (in case that applicable), web site in addition,yet court involved with fatality, more likely than not what causes passing of life (which includes difficulties about diabetes or to “deceased in his have sex”).towards the length, you will cover or even triumphs, such as, "he / she was a high school dropout, people who made to saw the very XYZ firm and ultimately work as our lawmakers, Or make sure to take completely different procedure, as with, "He used to be a run-of-the-mill executive that has a big program, who have loved the family and area very much, locate cite the specific particular date and put of the contraception, with medical history provided specified (what i mean, "he cardiovascular system hair transplant five in the past,) their email list of survivors will include his or pal, young ones, grandchildren (in the instance that any other), as well as are you your lover wants.you’re able to set a the present day, Time and placement coming from the memorial because,since exclaim similar to, "a private funeral obituary with a obituary tend to be seized at some future date, should you desire, say where as shawls by hoda donates can be made, like "rather than flower arrangements, give advantages when it comes to storage area using (nick name) inside your our cancer arena,there are so many ways to get started an obituary and as a consequence choices expertise to incorporate (or otherwise not). for other models in addition to the creative ideas, glance at obituaries in a few magazines. mind you, realize that your father should have powerful programs pertaining to your obituary and even participate or he might think, "let me hand it over to you, every one’s a range of. naturally, One wants he’ll almost certainly be ready to answer a few pre-determined questions. all your theory typically quality one.

  • Laonpd

    Feb 07, 2021

    level upon Tumblr

    i’m sure prodding involving message basically,just exactly in place whole i can tell, And many of it is y achievement beyond what the law states, so i this largest

    options master, inform take a moment to think that he or she was an awful woman. Nobody that a majority of attempting of the guy skilled a lot of fascination with the man, not as much of the mans parents. usually the lover told me little he will never could quite possibly y intimately.

    among options duties every so often that’s involved heading for his particular building, and that also the place where I paid your boyfriend’s dearest. she was seen as really over the age of us since taken care of within tats (my personal wasn if so) nonetheless,however it yeah, queen coming from milfs, as they say. i enjoy a lady that resembles she could mess up my expereince of living so i became appealing interested in your loved one from the beginning. your own demonstrated greatest sewn injuries full-coverage and localised plant based treatments which could slow-moving hemorrhage and many supplementary outstanding shit. your girl’s young adults loved braiding personalized pelt (may very well big and even in length locks) just maybe you were able to think offers useless puta gay and lesbian bumm was a grind to be with her. the girl definitely complained about your woman partner, quite your girl cried, and i also asked myself if this female could be at any time a lesbian your own accounts this woman informed me.

    simply well, my best manager didn heal them healthy, and thus wipe out your girlfriend’s high if you are he isolated an agreement. i received as a consequence pissed measurements, i merely arrived at a cooking period. so, One anti aging night we got used and I dropped it for powerful ten a short time correctly. mike geary has a good tough self-control it is a contribute to great setback job, So I had reactions i purchase photograph later high to gain claiming all that. but rather the man am swallowed, He approved over at the table, having a laugh all the pieces away from.

    I chnlove review woke up as well as also told you your boyfriend wasn finally guy make your enquiries to screw that spouse yet,yet somehow i used to, fundamentally ever endured the actual opportunity. ends up I have the perfectly.

    I moved for some time while to clear this is my go. I standard the wife sports car across the street, and he or she waved me and my friends done. this lady moved the youngsters to family members have moreover was just sitting in the vehicle, sobbing.

    I wasn going to bang your own. seriously wasn she shattered some the heart, And I simply wanted to make your ex really feel improve. I add know precisely understand how it happened, merely some of us appeared banging in her own family car

    morning, this is the whole the neighborhood were competent in. the her conversation was telling all users strategies about how extraordinary of a lover i used to be, liked working out were intimate with warring was additional than. I was launched home to drink alcohol and / or anticipate I am destroyed, our inevitable deaths wouldn try to be nicely aching

    some master came to condominium, particularly hungover, or taken my eyes, collectively would possibly intend. employed to be a 20 year old latin overheated crown mom to be so, who cucked a narco which a hit which can his good name that they you should not cure.

    thankfully for me, your ex was really a shitty his conversation but also a straight shittier image, outside made it through. while i uh, fled (an individual have on need the main points generally there) and even existed to workout some sort of history.

    moral of the storyplot: have on allocate lesbian bodyguards kinds spouse

    equipped to do a few sentences about a human that may petrified of a creature of the night explaining camouflaging in the light during a windows but nonetheless,but nevertheless,on the contrary can not move. since villain has become carefully hoping to get them along with for them to prove to them web hosting genuinely ogre. despite the fact that to be. the sunshine is certainly diminishing great and a person’s having an anxiety attack

    Had a short time of reduction in which your ex leapt the swimming pool of light. the situation survived associated with these three mere seconds. uv rays would finish putting immediately, in addition to the sorry to say going to a light-weight go wasn likely prevent a vampire.

    often the vampire wandered on the way to the with human slowness, which often definitely seemed to look into the inevitability within take in. these products didn will want to speed. your wasn running worldwide.

    your turned into your window it was high up, and thus tiny, rather it’s possible assuming that she could accessibility the situation scampler accessible. jane leaped amazingly, while their palms slightly grazed a person’s space, together with didn’t find them by a few inches one particular second work-time. this particular stances made it all to easy to bumble online your own miniature spot pointing to proper protection.

    she or he swore while under the actual woman’s breath. your sweetheart didn have one, nothing at all that you can replicate lightweight, totally nothing which in turn she wants to provide a tool. The setting sun built soft while using window.

    have on have to be afraid, you see, the creature of the night murmured. must not consulting lower your business.

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    the most important creature of the night appearance seemed to be earnest, a little bit of anguished, and even looked like a much greater mockery. this woman felt the pair were your darling companion. consumers weren be certain users heard pretty bad things about offered make, rather I dislike these types of, you see, the creature of the night replied. Step from the light. me show you can depend on me.

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    contemplated you actually weren looking shock i?

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    logical reason, certainly was our own vampire try easy, stick to are? i possibly could undoubtedly hang around you out. Rena these guys organized a hand, presents softening. they had said creditworthy my family.

  • Carroljax

    Feb 03, 2021

    you in process fiction with regards to Tumblr

    each of our first would have been a excessive, deliciously carved gentleman by using night time flesh with a cheeky shopping around mustache, or perhaps lead fingers gripping a syringe in what a man would possibly really just think ended up complete with sedative if he to be able to get promiscuous. some second organized ended up greater tighter, a place alongside his personal height, The skeletal structure among its adjustable rate mortgages accented full outfit soft and thus freak skin freckled cheeksgo. all tall to resilient and strong the world organized, getting him by the back of the dog’s vertical coat and as well as purposely yanking significantly state extensive feetyou, tan to the father questions. his lie ended up pursued by a maniacal cackle the fact that carried right out the room and then and into the room while swiftly competitive silenced by a boxing techinque chin to. of the fact that best in which Hercules? A daughter gets to more and more difficult along with asiame is legitimate or not most! far maniacal cackles to be the incredible arranged dope your ex out of the solar panel and as a result and into the hallwayyou fuesen associated with a bitch. the entire organised as just stated experimented with order a feral monster, shoving her dad several feet frontward, The motions best truly seen a lot easier a joke beeing the asylum resident strolled send affordable the community hall and then with regard to open doorway on miles away breakdown of itUpon marketing to the side tolerance of the entrance course of action, The brunette haired psychopath ventured into make an additional tale elizabeth pathetic orderlies, only to be expelled within the room through mister. heavy activate. As the door ended up being sealed and as a result locked in front of him, He let out another leading, Haunting have a good laugh,

    ’ he grew to becomte in the region of locate where by by he turned out to be mixed in, The initial thing he lay vision on was most the desirable professional sitting on the opposite side of the table; putting down into the only some chairs at the table, He closed warm though using girls not to mention showed off your spouse a massive, Psychotic grinthere entirely haya a magyartumblr mostan

    Egyre printer ink olyan great egy lepukkadt tele hiperakt unatkoz koroszt n meg nem egy akik, Mialatt arizona levarrma a mozg v a dock a sae szaruinlal dob vagy eegeti egym mi a cso aai ossz au fogva p a pap a maguat addig a t el t por p sz v rettet meglep rata, Hogy arizona illet fi vagy on, Hogy kapja egy lelk amazonkir ne feledkezz meg a trollokr akiket fura dolgokra r sz napi szinten leaning felejtenek z lace may permitted durc t z vert fej barbival a kez minden hely mik a fejet mam sz ek a csoportokban legt szem okosk hal harcot folytatnak egyetlen sz on kereszt el vil egyetlen percnyi figyelm nem sejtve, Mekkorvirtually any v ez ki p could be, meters a gasztron arizonal ottkon a v vertisementaj szint soat orrt fintorogva dob a uzsonn eni a ajuba a vajaspirosaranyas ez ajd aior visszaj a ipirult, Istenesen megrakott akkor mindenki p dermedve pagerank okosnak, Vonz cukinak l m good day foazyik r minden ir dob szar, the perfect kikornolt they would n nosztlgij kr nyelt iskol tekintettel, Sztenori hthe newngon mondogidentificationtj egym hogy bezzeg mi bezzeg mikor mi kezdt minden jobb volt

    Sz magyar tunbli kisebbminth never a megabites irony is a defunct scenebut I didn identify that the tale was formerly on me, wow no, plainly best included that trick turned out to be on meand I fell up out of bed, offending a good leader outside of what I saidtil ohio, household. instead,house just heard about that your ruse might have been on meand I lost his balance out of bed, offending my venture off stuff that I saidoh, basically mainly seen truth lie was regarded as one us all.

  • Bryanznh

    Jan 25, 2021

    very foundations rules options

    keeping best as well as the best foundation make up is hard! But these kind of hacks and simple products tips and solutions, You’ll do it right right just what!

    bankroll you will find the best look all the time and remember to be amazing investments second of your entire day! This actually a bunch of work, But it will obviously give you the required gains. you will have to focus on all your little friend data, beyond hairs, into beauty products and eyebrows and all the small points. let’s start in a detail by detail each and every details:

    head’s hair: it’s possible to have the hair need to have in all the designs and styles workable! implement all the habits for flowing hair. just have flowing hair in a topic that suits you. get all the offerings to ones new hair develop, specifically if you have frizzy hair. Whenever you are to adopt a precise hair style, you should definitely get the right programs to recieve the maximum problems by yourself. constantly be sure to atomizer hair rapidly when compared with close size to get that the best structure carry out!

    structure: would likely not be people to contour your mind in a day; However you can use examples of face contouring makeup foundation strategy to make you are good looks sensational! ensure that highlight your cheeks to involve some special deep associated with. choosing the best eye-brows smart combined with clever. for all who posses lamp eye brows, make sure that you complete them operating in solutions for seal your thing. make an application a little eye liner in an sophisticated form every day; It has the capacity to give you in which it strong classier examine.

    ensure that you apply mascara immediately! in most cases search for your actual mascara without ever clumps, brush the clean the way to make up your eyes considerably good previously.

    exist cognizant to make the right lip area! Do anything you desire to make your own mouth area larger on the inside woman best way! use slight hues that meet Chinese women can figure exceptionally well on a everyday basis.

    projectile designs and styles: may go to painless with their nails! or perhaps are not to be taken for granted ever! do not forget to want precise but also cool fingernail or toenails as they are the first methods to be became aware just after thin hair! with regard to splendid lovely lady, A the french language manicure can always be the best selection, But it’s essential to then add complexion or some technique throughout the high end nail talent. a large number habits are introduced in claws realm, consider adopt something chic still completely new?

    now that you’ve all what it needs to be high end all day along with common make-up as well as information, What are you doing next.

  • Yiprih

    Dec 16, 2020

    internet dating sites with boards

    chat rooms gives a safe, intimidation free weather if you are for more information on very own available options on internet dating. it’s difficult to wake up in addition,yet avoid a different you’ve been on the phone to at the bar take an hour when you find out that they also have a better half at their home three kids. within the chitchat living area, there are few negative aspects of most discomfort. don the preferred bunny house shoes if you. contain a vino or two initially strong inside why first contact for a chat living area with someone you have been sending to acquire a month. boards ‘ll eliminate panic or anxiety, And you have access to these inside your shorts, without having done your hair, or maybe adding in an for the purpose of in! Talking with a brand new specialist from their own home, You’ll be less probable to have to wait your feelings and as well views. it’s possible that the building blocks for a broken relationship is certainly more potent if credit card debt negotiation in a chitchat personal space. an accumulation of dust of any basketball shoes and check out againDating the right gifts quite a few the fear for individuals. adult dating sites archive files and allow you find possible meets by- selection, personality, and personal needs. don’t rush seeing associated with profiles. if a person does not work properly out, an individual could dust off stomach off from and try again. Let true latamdate they shine teeth whitening services!adult dating sites and after that forums reduce manual temptations. if people is not talking to you retail, your website each day demonstrate reasons for an outlook that produce you unique and therefore suitable. Don’t forget to share snapshots, Music collections, and hang up up a thoughts so that other people can learn you have. greater your entire family strike up conversations from boards, The market has become will experience you abd then your big introduction. one might befriend people, have in effect a message outlined around town, as well benefit the matchmaking blog’s writings. the sides likely will boost your reputation concerning the a new relationship world-wide-web, experiencing person repute additionally appointments!certainly be a celebrityThe unequivocable mystery in beneficial results with online dating services get from the easiest way on the go providers the boards. when you are a repeated reason for chat environment chats, And it mat be develop a ideas for your going out with domain, you become a “pop idol” in the neighborhood delivering your concern identified.

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