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Posted by Anne Yorks on Monday, March 8, 2010

Did you know that I have been adding new items to www.flourboxbakery.com? Well, I have! I have been happily baking away and some of these designs are total keepers. So now...they are available as a regular item on my website. Here is a little review of what's new...

A New DAISY cookie (makes me so happy) 

I think these happy flower cookies would be great for just about any occasion...Get Well, Thank You, Congratulations, and on and on! Here is the Daisy Gift Box Picture. It includes 6 pink and white daisies and 6 yellow and white daisies. 

I have also added a few new wedding options. A pink and white, 3-tier wedding cake complete with edible pearl accents. 

And a new pink and white wedding gown with a scalloped hem. 

I have added 5 other options and I'll get you an update asap - with photos. Right now, I'm going to watch 'Met Your Mother' with Toph as we enjoy the last few hours of his birthday! Yep, that's right. Today is Topher's birthday! What a fun, busy, yummy day. I love celebrating birthdays, especially Topher's. He's an amazingly nice person with a big heart. How did I get so lucky? We had a great day. I joined up with Toph for a nice little lunch at Otto's Pub and Brewery.  Then, tonight we enjoyed a delicious dinner of salmon and soba noodles with roasted asparagus. My little helper assisted me with decorations. We painted birthday signs, put up streamers, and put up colorful balloons. Plus we picked up a growler from Otto's Pub and Brewery. Mt. Nittany Pale Ale - Yum! I'd definitely get that variety again! Such a special treat. Some people (like me) like cupcakes for dessert and some people (like Toph) like beer and cookies! 

You might think it strange that I'd be writing a blog post on his birthday. But right now he is busy shopping online. Part of his present is a new pair of sneakers and new black shoes. He has needed them for literally years and he is finally on zappos.com buying them. I also got him three new shelves for his side of the bathroom. My stuff takes up most of the room and he needs a little special Toph space. And of course no holiday would be complete without a gadget. I found a cool docking/charging speaker thingy for his ipod/phone. Now he can rock out while brushing his teeth. And, I have hired and electrician to install Toph's very own outlet on his side of the sink. It might not seem like a big deal...but I have slowly taken over the only outlet in the room. Toph needs a little power for his stuff too. Now we'll all be happy. 

So, Happy Birthday Toph! I think you'll be reading this! I love you! 

More on the new cookies coming soon!

Have a sweet day,