Easter Parade

Posted by Anne Yorks on Monday, March 15, 2010

Working on my Spring and Easter collections has been a total blast. I am so excited to finally be sharing the designs with you!

I will be offering 4 different collections for Easter this year. I am going to do a separate blog post for each so that I can really show you the cookies in more detail. But, I plan on adding them to the site today. If you're interested in ordering for Easter, you can plan for what you want. 

My first collection is called Easter Parade and is inspired by the fashionistas that attend New York City's Annual Easter Parade. This is the full collection.

It includes 16 cookies: 4 dresses, 4 purses, 4 Easter bonnets, and 4 high heel shoes. 

Here are a few close up pictures...

The purses. 


The green clutch purse was inspired by this Angel Jackson Chandra Snakeskin clutch. It retails for $295. Not bad. But I can't ever imagine spending that much on a purse. Think about how many cookie cutters that could buy :-)

And the blue and purple purse is inspired by this Birkin Bag. This particular purse retails for $60,000!!! The only reason I even know of it is because it made a cameo appearance on Gilmore Girls (season 6). Logan gave Rory one of these purses as a gift. Wowza. 


The bonnets. The green and pink bonnet is actually two cookies stacked to create a cute little bonnet cookie.


The high heel shoe cookies. I only have a close up of the pink and green shoes. For some reason I didn't take one of the purple and blue. Hmmmmm. Not sure what happened. Anyway, don't worry, the blue and purple are included with this package. They look the same as these, only different colors. 

The dresses. I just love how these dresses turned out. Simple and stylish. This dress cookie is becoming one of my favorite cookies to do.


That's all for the Easter Parade cookies. I really, really enjoyed making this particular collection. I hope you enjoy them too!

More Easter cookies coming soon! Check back tomorrow!

Have a sweet day,