Making Cookies for Jim Parsons of the Big Bang Theory

Posted by Anne Yorks on Saturday, September 6, 2014

I can barely contain my excitement! Last week, I had the honor of making a very special congratulations set of cookies for 4-time Emmy winner, Jim Parsons! He is the actor that plays Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory! And he won his FOURTH Emmy for being the funniest guy on TV, aka, the Best Actor in a Comedy!!  (Four Emmys!!! Can you imagine how proud his mom is?)

A friend ordered these cookies for Jim as a sweet surprise to celebrate his major achievement. And then last night...this happened...an Instagram photo from @therealjimparsons, tagging @flourboxbakery!! And my head almost exploded with excitement!!

And then I get this photo...funniest guy on tv...being funny and super cute while holding Flour Box Bakery cookies! Jim, you're the best! Truly, made this cookie nerd smile and laugh and feel so happy!



Figuring out the cookie designs was a total blast! My client (Jim's friend) suggested the themes of congrats, the Big Bang Theory and 4 Emmy wins. I had so many ideas! And after planning and planning and sketching and planning and stressing and planning...these are the cookies I made!



My favorite cookie of the set (and the most challenging) was the comedy mask! And, how appropriate since Jim IS the funniest guy on TV!



I also had fun planning this cake. I tried to get a little clever!



And, really, the collection would not have been complete without a 'cookied' Sheldon!! Bazinga!



I packed them carefully and then held my breath until they arrived at their destination. Just, a little nerve wracking! I was so relieved when I got a little note letting me know they arrived in one piece!

I really appreciated this opportunity! I hope my client knows how much fun I had creating these cookies! It really was an honor to be included in a small, sweet way in such a big lifetime achievement! (My mom thought it was pretty cool, too!)

And, while ALL my clients are super important to me, it's pretty cool that my cookies had a little brush with celebrity! Good thing I have a 3-year-old at home to keep me grounded. Otherwise, this might give me a big head!

So, a big congrats to Jim! And, a special thanks to Pam! This is one set of cookies I will always remember!!

Have a sweet day,



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