Bunnies and Chicks

Posted by Anne Yorks on Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This collection is so hoppy. (oh so lame. I'm sorry. I couldn't help it)

As a major Peep and Marshmallow Bunny and Chick lover, I really wanted to do something similar for Easter. 

This assortment is too fun to make. 

I'm not sure if you can see this cookie clearly in the picture. It's my favorite in the collection. There are two of these. But it's almost like Where's Waldo. The 2nd Chick in Egg is near the top on the right side. He's just sinking down a bit. Get up Chickie! You're too cute to hide!

And then there are these cute Spring Chicks. I just made and donated almost 100 of these for a local kids event. I hear they were a big hit! They are just so chubby and happy. I have heard that you should never trust a skinny chick. Not sure how true that is. But since I have a little junk in my trunk, I'm gonna go with that philosophy. I must be really, really trustworthy. [winky face]

And of course I needed to add in some floppy eared bunnies. And how about that guy on the right with the blue fur? What's up with that smile? Looks a little like a smartypants to me. Don't give me that look, Mister! 

And some more bunnies... (with super cute cotton tails)

And a few more chicks. They look like they are ready to fly away.

When I started with this cookie collection idea I wasn't going to offer this variety of cookies in one box. But then I just couldn't decide on which cookies should stay...so the assortment includes them all. 

I have posted all of my Easter cookies on the site. You can check them out by clicking here.

I still plan to add two more blog posts this week with the details on the other collections. I hope you're enjoying these colorful new additions to my website. I certainly am enjoying make them! Did I mention I took the winter cookies off the site? No offense to those cookies, I mean really, those snowmen were darn cute. But in my eyes, Spring is HERE! I know after a long hot summer I'll be ready to see snowmen again. But for now, I'm so happy to hear the spring birds chirping!

Have a sweet day,

P.S. I'd like to say a special hello to my friends at the Ringtown Senior Center. I sent you all a fabulous box of FULL cookies. Enjoy! I hope you like your special cookies!