Spring Fever!!!!!

Posted by Anne Yorks on Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Fever. I have it bad! I cannot wait until the flowers start to bloom. Of course, they have already started to bloom in my kitchen.

I have definitely saved my favorite collection for last. The final collection I am offering for Easter/Spring 2010 is called, drum roll please.......Spring Fever. (if you missed my last three posts...I give you an up close look at the three other cookie collections I have recently added to the my site: Easter Parade, Egg Hunt, and Bunnies and Chicks)

Here is the full view of the Spring Fever cookies:

It includes 2 pink ladybugs, 2 yellow tulips, 3 bubble bees, 2 butterflies, 3 pink daisies, 2 watering cans, and 2 white and yellow daisies. My friends, this is most definitely 'Spring in a bakery box'.

Here is a closer look at the critters.

And the flowers.

And my favorite cookie of them all, the watering can.

What do you think? Do have the fever??

Ok - that's it for Easter and Spring! If you're planning to order, I suggest you do so by March 29th for timely shipping. 

Coming soon to the Flour Box Blog...
  1. A Monster Truck themed birthday party.
  2. A few amazing custom cookie orders. (really, I was honored to be asked to do these orders)
  4. A super cool handmade gift 
  5. A blog post by my husband Topher (I know I have promised this before, but he really keeps saying he has something to say. Toph...are you out there? What's up, buddy? Fill us in!)
  6. Flour Box gives back to the community. Oh yes, I'm a baker with a big heart!
  7. And a few more fun surprises! I can't give away all my secrets!

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