Peep This!

Posted by Anne Yorks on Friday, April 2, 2010

I’m not sure how I came up with this post.

I think it all started with not enough sleep and a bazillion cups of coffee, and this guy.

Look familiar?

Hint: Baby Ruth?

2nd Hint: Hey You Guys!

Still don’t get it? okay, I thought the peep looked like this guy, Sloth, from the movie Goonies. 

See it now?

So then I was thinking. What if I turned peeps into other famous people. I had leftover icing from an order. So here you go, this is for all you peep lovers out there! Happy Easter!! 

This peep knows if you've been naughty or nice. Remember, kids, Santa Peep is watching you!

It's a bird. It's a plane.

 It's Super Peep!!

This next one has some serious Peep Ambition. Only a Peep version of Madonna can pull off that cone bra.

You may have heard of the Legend of Peepy Hollow, staring the Headless Peepman.

It's peepy and it's kooky. 
Mysterious and spooky.
It's all together ooky.

It's Cousin Peep.

Ba-da-da-dum *snap* *snap*

I wish I had a mini peep 'pigeon' named Bernice...Peep Bert's favorite pet.

And then there is the Peep with the silver glove. Michael Peepson. The King of Peep.

I Dream of Peepie. She crosses her elbows and nods her head to make wishes come true. Wait a minute. Peeps don't have elbows. Hmmm.

This last Peep isn't famous, but I promised a shout out, so here it is. Peep Narber. The Peep with the biggest heart on earth and a wonderful friend!

And with that I conclude the 2010 Peep Show. 

Peeptastic, right? I'm already working on my list for next year! Feel free to send or post your ideas :)

Happy Easter!

Have a sweet day,