My Favorite Scones

Posted by Anne Yorks on Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter (that is, if you celebrate Easter. If not, then Happy Spring to you!) 

My family had an awesome day, mainly because we started the day with a great church service and one of these...

We had lemon scones and cappuccino.This is my favorite scone recipe. I found it in the Family Fun Magazine a few years ago. Click here to view and print the recipe from their site. You won't be disappointed and it's so easy to make! Do you like this picture? Topher took it with his cell phone! Crazy!

Church was great. My daughter was so well-behaved that I got to enjoy the entire service without interruption. Our Pastor is doing a series on the miracles and Sunday's sermon focused on the miracle of the resurrection. You can probably listen to it by clicking here. Our church puts all the sermons on our church site, www.livepraylove.com, as a podcast.

The rest of our Easter day was relaxing, tasty, and so much fun. We had egg hunts, balloon rocket blast offs, and a great brunch. 

***One more thing before I get back to work. 

Do you have any leftover Peeps? Consider toasting them over the fire. We had a little Peep Roast with Topher's parents and it was, as Topher put it, "almost a gourmet experience".

Here's a great picture of my Father-in-Law (aka the nicest guy I know other than Toph) roasting an entire row of Peeps. 

He toasted them to perfection. The outside was a little caramelized and crunchy and the inside was soft, warm and delicious. We enjoyed these after our dinner of bunny-shaped pizza! This was Toph's Mom's creation and my little girl loved decorating the pizza.

Sorry this is a quick post. I have to work on taxes again today. Yucky. I do have tons of cookie pictures and projects to share with you. I can't wait! Coming soon...

Have a sweet day,