The Bugs!

Posted by Anne Yorks on Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Maybe it's because it's Spring. Or maybe they are just too cute to resist. But for whatever reason...the ladybugs are very popular at Flour Box Bakery! Which is great, because I love making the ladybugs! I actually just got finished icing another order of them a few minutes ago.

Here are a few recent projects that I did for some ladybug themed birthday parties.

These cookies were for a little girl who loves pink and purple. The customer requested ladybugs and birthday cakes and I suggested we add a little ladybug to the cake. Do you see it walking across the bottom of the cake? Take a closer look. 

Did you know that a ladybug beats its wings 5100 times per minute while flying? It's true...that's 85 pumps per second. Here are the ladybugs a little closer too.


Another ladybug request came in for a 1st birthday party. The customer wanted cookies to use on the 'smash cake' and the cupcakes. I made and shipped 80 mini ladybugs. I almost went cross-eyed piping the spots on the cookies. I did a little ladybug research and found out that the spots are not an indicator of a ladybug's age or sex. They only live about a year. The spots and their brightly colored bodies are actually a warning to predators that they taste bad. But not these ladybug cookies...they taste great!

And the smash cake (do you see all the cupcakes in background?)...

Here is the birthday girl munching on one of my cookies. This picture just makes me smile!

There are more than 5000 different ladybug species in the world. I wonder if the Flour Box specie has been documented? 

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Have a sweet day!