Handmade with Love

Posted by Anne Yorks on Saturday, April 17, 2010

Prepare yourself to be amazed.

A month ago, I received a mystery package in the mail from my Aunt Annie. My sweet Aunt Annie. Mother of four. Master of all things creative, crafty, and artsy. She is married to my mom's younger brother, my Uncle Tim. These people are just cool, good people. So when I saw the box, I instantly got excited about what might be inside. 

Topher was not home when the box arrived. And, I had a feeling that I would want to open it with someone, so I decided to wait until he got home later that evening. I wish we had video of my reaction when I saw my special surprise. There was a lot of jumping, ooohhhhhing, and I'll admit it, a little bit of squealing.

My wonderful Aunt Annie made me my very own Flour Box Bakery Apron!!!!

Just look at it! It's amazing, right? I called my Aunt Annie the very next day to share my gratitude and excitement for the gift. After all, this was my first piece of attire with my logo on it ... and it was perfect!

My Aunt Annie explained how she made the logo look so amazing.

This logo is not printed...it was done 100 percent by hand! My cousin Ellen helped my Aunt Annie resize my logo to exactly what she needed for the pocket size and printed it. Then my Aunt Annie cut out each letter and traced it on the apron pocket. Did you hear me? She cut each letter and TRACED it! Look at them. They are perfect looking. 

Then using fabric marker and fabric paint she filled in the big pink flour - oops, I mean flower - and the letters. I really can't get over the perfection of the work. Not a single thing is out of place. Amazing.

Plus, Not sure if you noticed the design of the apron, but for a busy baker, it's just right. Here's why.

1. The size of it is perfect. The length goes just below my knees. That's full coverage and I need it. I can get messy in the kitchen.
2. The neckline is adjustable so that I can wear it forever no matter how I shrink or grow.
3. There are four pockets...one on the chest and three at the bottom. Since my customers call me throughout the day, I can now keep my phone close and safe in my chest pocket at all times. Plus, those lower pockets are great for when taking photos. I can store my camera, batteries and other props in the pockets for when I need to make a trip downstairs to the light tent.
4. I love the material. It's a denim apron and I can already tell it will last my lifetime. The sewing work is impeccable!
5. It's completely washable. I have washed my apron so many times since it arrived and the logo and material look brand new!

I don't know if you own a business, but the first time seeing your logo on anything is quite exciting. To have it on a handmade item is just so touching!

Here's the apron's label:

And here's a picture of me wearing my cute apron while holding a tray of cookies. 

Kind of cool. Things handmade with love (like aprons or cookies) are just a special kind of awesome.

Thank you, Aunt Annie, so much for my amazing gift! I felt so spoiled and special. You're the best!

Have a sweet day,