I Forgot to Mention

Posted by Anne Yorks on Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yesterday, I had a delivery on Penn State's campus at the Hintz Alumni Building. After the delivery, my daughter and I hung out at the little pond outside the building and enjoyed the scene. She loved the fish, the ducks, walking over the bridge, stepping across the rocks, and looking for turtles - although we never actually found a turtle. But, the best part of the trip was watching the ducklings. They looked brand new, so small and fuzzy and so sweet. I love making deliveries, especially to the Alumni Center. 

I know I have been updating my blog a little less frequently, but I just wrapped up a very busy two weeks. Lots of birthday parties, bridal showers, corporate gifts, Administrative Professionals Day, and web orders going on. I felt so excited to be a part of all these events and I have a few great new cookies to post on the blog. I think I'm also going to add a few cookies to the website product line.

But first, I have something to tell you. Nothing 'major big' or earth shattering. But I'm always in such a big rush when blogging that I forget a few of the details. So I decided I'll do one big catch-up on any items that may have been omitted by mistake from previous posts. Bear with me.

First, I forgot I wanted to share this photo on the ladybug post.

This is one tray of the ladies. Looking pretty all in a row. These mini-ladybug cookies are only an inch big. So to get the eyes, smile and dots it took a steady hand and the smallest tip I own, the #1. I have seen a #0 tip, but have not used it. Maybe I should check that out for the next order of mini-ladybugs.

I made 80 of these and I felt blind afterward. But, no pain no gain. And look how cute they are. 

Okay, ladybugs, check them off my list. 

Next up Monster Truck cookies. Do you remember these? I made them for a birthday party a few weeks ago.

Here's a pic of the cookie...

Free-handing circles is not one of my strengths. I have been practicing a lot. But I really wanted these to be consistent, so I decided to cheat a little bit. I wanted to show this during that post, but I focused so much on the luster dust, that I totally forgot this part.

So to get these 'hubcap' circles consistent I used my mini-circle cookie cutter (funnily enough, the same one I used to make the ladybug cookies!). When the cookies came out of the oven, and they were still warm and a little soft, I gently pushed the cookie cutter into the cookie to make a little mark. I didn't push too hard. I didn't want to cut out the center. 

Then I was able to pipe a nice circle around the mark from the cutter. See? So I cheated just a little bit. I know you were losing sleep over this. So I'm glad I could finally put it to rest.

Next up, St. Patrick's Day. Seems like ages ago, right? When I was prepping my orders I decided to make a few changes to the cookie designs. I wanted to post an update right away...but the time just got away from me. Oye.

So here it goes.

I updated my leprechaun. I love Irish eyebrows (weird I know), and I wanted to make them just a little more prominent. I also thought he ought to be wearing a green hat instead of black.

Here's the original and the new one side by side....


I also corrected a little mistake on the pot o' gold. Take a look...


Do you see the difference? The apostrophe was in the wrong place. I updated the photos with this new corrected cookie.

Here's the St. Patrick's Day Collection with the new leprechaun and the new pot o' gold!

And now, if you stayed with me this long. Here's a little sneak peak on this new stuff I'm trying called Disco Dust. I did do a really great cookie with it, but I was in such a rush to deliver the order that I did not have time for a photo shoot. Disco Dust is edible glitter. I have several colors, silver, rainbow, red and pink. Here's a red example...

This is the top of a Ruby ring. I don't think the picture is all that clear, but I think you can get the idea of the sparkle power of this stuff. It's off the charts! I hope to have a few better examples in the coming weeks. But this was too exciting not to share.

And finally...just for fun...a little family photo shoot. Our family is photo challenged. We took 25 pictures this easter to get just one good one.

The first with my whole family....

That's Toph and I on the left. My sister and mom on the right. And the kids in the middle. We are in our living room. That framed pictured in the back is something I made. Maybe I'll do a separate post on that some day.

Then we wanted a picture with just the three of us...here's where the fun started.

First my eyes were closed...

Then the little one forgot to smile...

Then Daddy said something funny ...  and the little one looked over.

(Did you notice that Nemo, sheep, and kitty cat have now joined the photo? Look close and you'll see them!)

And then my eyes were closed again...    

and again...

Did I mention we were using the camera timer for these photos? Yeah...so each time Toph had to get up and set the timer and then run back to the sofa. It was so fun.

But, finally, we were all looking, smiling and ready for the Easter photo (of course by this point, the Easter baskets were added to the photo)...

And then things just got silly...


I guess we all had too much sugar that day!

So that's it! I think you're updated on all the things I forgot to mention. I have a ton of great cookies to share with you over the next few weeks...so stay tuned as I get them up on Tidbits!

Have a sweet day,