Luau Bridal Shower

Posted by Anne Yorks on Thursday, May 6, 2010

 A luau is a Hawaiian feast. So I guest this post is all about a cookie feast at a bridal shower.

A few months ago, a customer contacted me about a bridal shower she was throwing for a friend. This was one organized client. She already had a theme, party colors, and a few games planned. I loved her! Plus she called 3 months in advance. It was good she did, because she wanted some specific cookies and it allowed us the time to plan out each one. 

She wanted to order a little something special for the guys that would be at the party. So we decided to make the blue and white Hawaiian shirts. I was able to 'double flood' the white into the blue to create the flower look. I think this was my customer's favorite cookie. I really liked it too. Here's a closer look. How fun!

My client gave me stationary that showed the theme she was looking to create. From that, we got the idea to incorporate a hibiscus flower into the cookie scheme.

I actually didn't have this cookie cutter, but since we were planning so much in advance, I was able to order it.  It wasn't easy to find, but I finally did get onto a site that carried the shape i was looking for. I had not ordered from this site before, and I don't think I will order from them again. After three weeks of waiting, no cutter arrived. I called to check in and they said they were having problems with their system. They asked me to call them back three separate times. And they were SOOOOOO cranky. Ugh. I am not a fan of the crankies. So, finally they tell me it never shipped and it was going to be a while until it was going out. Not good news since I needed it the next week. I finally insisted on talking to an owner or manager. The owner got on the phone and told me that he would send it. Did I mention everyone was so cranky. I felt like being cranky too. But I didn't go there.

Two days later the cookie  cutter arrived, but they did not pay for the postage completely. I had to pay more postage!! Did I mention that I had already paid (with shipping) more than $20 for this one cookie cutter? I wasn't happy at all. 

This is why I try to stick to my regular sites: www.karenscookies.net, www.foosecookiecutters.com, www.coppergifts.com, www.annclark.com. I have NEVER been let down by any of these companies. As a matter of fact, they continue to inspire me with their excellent order process. It's a pleasure working with them.

After all the hub-bub, I was really pleased with the hibiscus flower. It was a fun cookie to make ... and anything bright pink is good in my book.

The next cookie I did for the shower was a flip flop. I had done these before. They are a part of the 'Life's a Beach' cookie collection. I just love making flip flops. 

The other cookie in the order was a starfish. Each starfish cookie was decorated with edible pearls, 16 to be exact. I use a tweezers to place the pearls on the cookie.  It's a time consuming process, but I think the results are wonderful. I also use a lot of these pearls on wedding cake cookies. They just really dress things up.

I have saved my favorite cookie for last. The Lei Cookie.

I premade the candy flowers for the lei in advance. I then made a round cookie and decorated it with with white icing. I really wanted the flowers to pop out from the cookie. My customer wanted this cookie for the prize for the games. This 'Zack loves Stephanie' cookie was just an extra. The actual cookie for the client read, 'You Got Lei'd at Stephanie's Shower'. 

I hope you enjoyed this collection as much as I enjoyed making them! I'm actually in process of creating a few 'summer' items for the Flour Box website as a regular item. I definitely think I'm going to add a few of these cookies!

Have a sweet day,