Paisley & Company - Bath Boutique

Posted by Anne Yorks on Friday, May 7, 2010

I got my first Mother's Day gift on Wednesday. My thoughtful sister-in-law and my two nieces made me lavender bath soap and a jar with bath salt. (And in case anyone is following this blog regularly, this is the same SIL that made me the beautiful cake plate centerpiece and the handmade picnic set for my daughter. There was talk on Wednesday that an Etsy store *could* be in the works.Oh baby!)

This gift reminded me that I love scented gifts...soap, body spray, moisturizer, you get the idea. As a baker, I wash my hands 1000 times a day. You cannot imagine how dry my skin gets with all that washing! So I had to do something drastic. Enter my favorite little shop ever...Paisley & Company in Kutztown, PA or on the web at http://www.paisleyandcompany.com/.

This is their storefront. I love their logo! It's so cute. And, I know it's hard to see, but look closely at their front door. It looks like an wooden Victorian screen door. It's a customer's first impression of this adorable bath boutique.

A friend of our family works at Paisley & Co. So for some time my mom has splurged on a few gift items for me over the years. But then, when I started having my dry skin crisis, I decided I needed to start ordering my own products. I just feel so spoiled every time I use it. Everything is just so luxurious. And there is so much to choose from.

I could get lost investigating all their wonderful products...handmade products! Wow! They offer 100 scents, or you can create your own. Their website states that, "Our customers compare Paisley & Company with a trip to their favorite bakery, where enticing aromas fill the air and there's always something fresh being made in the kitchen. In our charming Victorian bath shop we create fresh and custom-made lotions, soaps, perfumes, bath & shower products, foot care products, mama and baby goods, natural butters, and gift collections."

Hmmmmmm. No wonder I love this place so much!

So this is what I love from Paisley & Co.

I love the 'frothie' handsoap and the 'mousse' moisturizer. I use the soap on my hands and the moisturizer on my hands and face. 

Here are two of my Frothie's. I ordered brown sugar (right) and brown sugar vanilla. So here's what's cool about Paisley & Co. They can customize scents and colors on their products. Since I like to smell like a cookie, I asked if they could make me the sugar and vanilla scent. Then, since I love everything pink, I asked if they could tint my soap. I love it so much!

Last year I ordered a grape scented soap and moisturizer tinted aqua! The owner told me a customer ordered banana scented shampoo tinted purple. I just love these color and scent combos. It's so unique and fun!

So much that I ordered a refill for my Frothie. This should last me a little while. 

I also ordered the largest size mousse they make. There are three sizes. I was using a smaller jar, but  this time I took the plunge on the big guy. For a little perspective...this is the big guy next to a quarter. 

True Story: The last time I got a haircut, my stylist asked me if I was baking that day. I said, nope, not today. Why? She said, because you smell like your cookies!! Then we laughed because it was my moisturizer!

So you don't live near Kutztown (maybe you haven't even heard of Kutztown), don't sweat it! They ship! Check out all their products online at http://www.paisleyandcompany.com/. You can also 'Like' them on Facebook. Click here.

Their products make GREAT Mother's Day gifts! *wink* *wink*

Have a very sweet weekend!!!