Seattle or Bust (part 1)

Posted by Anne Yorks on Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's naptime in the Yorks household, this week's orders are complete, and a fresh pot of coffee is brewing. Ahhhhh...it's blog time! It's been a very busy week of baby shower cookies, nurse cookies, fire fighter cookies...and lots and lots of MOTHER'S DAY cookies!! I'll be posting pictures soon! Thank you again to everyone that ordered this week! I just loved meeting you and being a small part of your holiday or event. It's really so cool how this business is tying me into all these new friendships.

Toph is working this weekend...bummer...since it's Mother's Day tomorrow.  But, he decided we are celebrating Mother's Day weekend. Woo hoo! Yesterday he spoiled me with a new pair of tennis shorts and a great shirt. Today I got a new Tupperware set. What? You don't think that's cool? Well then maybe you aren't a mom. Am I right on this? I think all moms like good storage containers for leftovers. We have a ton of old Chinese take-out containers. They are pretty ratty and we are starting to lose the lids somehow. I'll update you on tomorrow's present. But, that's assuming I'm going to get another one. My tennis racket is missing. I suspect it will reappear tomorrow with a few updates *fingers crossed*.

I have a super cool cookie project to share with you today. I did cookies for a 'bon voyage and travel' themed bridal shower last week. I took lots of pictures throughout the cookie-decorating process. Today, part 1, I want to show you the pictures. Tomorrow, part 2, I'm planning to post a little behind-the-scenes glimpse into the making of these cookies. I love showing how I do things. I think it gives customers and friends an appreciation for the amount of detail that is required to making each cookie special.

Here are the cookies ... My client told me she wanted a travel theme with a pink and black color scheme. She left the details up to me. I am always excited when a customer trusts me to 'design' the cookie on my own. But there is a certain amount of pressure that comes with that privilege. The bride-to-be is moving to Seattle (from Pennsylvania)! That's quite a move, but she is marrying an army doctor and he is being re-located to the west coast. We chatted briefly about doing Seattle themed cookies (space needle, starbucks, grunge band, coffee mug, etc), but in the end we decided on cookies that fit with the theme AND the party colors.

This pink and black luggage / suitcase cookie is inspired by a Burberry Tote. I just liked the plaid pattern and the handle style. 

Making plaid anything is a time-consuming endeavor, but I loved the end result...

Here is an even closer look at the plaid detail. It's actually intertwined. 

Next, I searched high and low for interesting luggage tags. After all, this is one hip bride. I'm sure she travels in style.

I found so many cute tags...

from www.allthingscupcake.com

from www.funkychunkyhandbags.com

from www.cloth-ears.co.uk

I thought polka dots and stripes would make an adorable tag...so here is my creation. I originally planned to poke a hole in the cookie. But when I was baking, I was so focused on the cookie making that I totally spaced on the whole idea (pun intended!). So I just had to pipe the hole with icing. That's ok. I think things turned out cool.

The heart cookie was inspired by another cookie blog post that I read recently. I found the blog through the Cookiers R Us yahoo group and now I can't find her again. I hate it when I do that. Normally, I add the address to my Google reader right way. I looked for it again and again, but I can't find it. If it's you, please email me and I'll be sure to give you credit. There are so many pink and black hearts in this world. I found this great Hershey's box of chocolate. 

I added the Seattle or Bust to the heart cookie to make it more personal to the bride.

Aren't these pictures great? I wish I could take the credit, but it was Topher that took them for me. I was in a rush to pack for my NYC trip that I did not have time for the photo shoot. I have more great pictures to share with you tomorrow. He did some interesting things with the cookie placement. I have such a talented, creative husband!

So are you interested in learning how I made the plaid suitcase? Or the luggage tag? Maybe you want to know how the polka dots get added to the heart cookies. Tune in tomorrow for a complete, unedited, look at how I made these cookies. It'll be fun, I promise!

Until then, Have a very sweet Mother's Day weekend!