Sweet Success

Posted by Anne Yorks on Friday, May 14, 2010

It's graduation time and Flour Box is offering a delicious cookie gift for 2010 grads!

You can view this new item by clicking here!!


This gift includes 12 cookies: 2 school pennants, 2 '2010' balloons, 2 diplomas, 4 message stars, and 2 graduation caps. Plus, I will customize your order with your SCHOOL COLORS. When ordering, just email me, Anne Yorks, at anne@flourboxbakery.com or complete our contact form here.

Here are a few close-up shots of the cookies:


2010 Balloons (strings not included...Toph added those for fun)

The stars, graduation cap, and school pennant.

Here is me with my awesome Dad (also a Penn State grad) the day I graduation from Penn State many moons ago...

In other family news, my little girl is officially drawing faces that are starting to look like faces. Previous drafts have been mostly scribbles. Check it out. I'm framing this baby and putting it on the wall!

Toph looks the best...

My mom and I got hair! That was my little girl's idea too! I either have two mouths or two noses. I'm not sure which. I'm hoping it's two mouths...then I can eat twice as many cookies : )

Have a very sweet weekend,