Something Old, Something New

Posted by Anne Yorks on Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hey! Exciting news. This is my 50th blog post! Can you believe it? I launched the Flour Box website on January 25, 2010 and I'm already at #50. Time certainly does fly when you're having fun. 

The site and my business are a constant work in progress. I'm always coming up with new cookie ideas and I'm always looking for ways to do business better so that my customers continue to receive an excellent level of service and a great tasting and looking product!

So here is my 'something old'...

This week I received another order for the 'Day at the Beach' collection. I have been meaning to update these cookies for quite some time and so I decided to do it this week. I hope my customer is surprised when she opens the box, because there will be several *bonus* cookies inside. 

Here are the before and after pictures...

The Before (bor-ring)

The After (SHAZAM!)

I altered the cookie designs a little bit and I added in the starfish, the seashells, and the conch shells.

I originally invented this cookie collection because I wanted to give a gift to someone that had helped me through a tough situation. They took a difficult time and made it feel like 'A Day on the Beach'. 

It's been a popular collection for 'thank you' and 'just for fun'. I think it will be even more popular with it's makeover, and just in time for the summer months. I'm so happy it's updated. I think it's a big improvement. 

Here is my 'something new'

I'm not ready to release this to the masses as a sell-able product. I think I have to practice a little bit more. The results are something interesting enough that I wanted to show them to you. Feel free to share your opinion...

I recently I watched a tutorial on a brush embroidery technique through the Cookiers R Us group. 

I tried to do this on a set of shell cookies. 

Not quite what I wanted. It looks kinda weird, borderline gross. I was definitely not happy with the results. At least the cookies still tasted good.

Then I tried the technique on a group of flowers.

I think it was way more successful on this cookie shape. Here is the close-up...

I did get new paint brushes...so I'm going to keep practicing. I think, if it is done correctly, this could be a cool technique on a wedding cake cookie. Practice, practice, practice! But what do to with all those practice cookies?? Hmmmm. I'm sure I'll think of something.

That's all for today. I still have more cookies to show you, but I'm pooped. I mean it. I finished an order today for West Point graduation cookies. I was so pleased with the final product. The customer gave me a big hug when she saw them. But I'm really tired. They took much longer that I planned on. I have dough to mix tonight and a few other paperwork-y things to do. So it's peace out for me

I'm glad I made it to post #50....can't wait to make it to #100!! By the way...I have promised a great giveaway for when I reach 400 fans on the Flour Box Facebook page. Guess what!?! We're only 33 fans away. I know you'll love the giveaway, so stayed tuned.

Thanks for reading! Is anyone reading? I know my mom is. Hi, Mom, I love you!

Have a sweet day,