A Priceless Reaction

Posted by Anne Yorks on Saturday, May 22, 2010

Making and decorating cookies is my passion in life. I love mixing, chillin', rolling, baking, mixing, decorating, drying, and then more decorating. The process is lengthy, so to do it day after day, I think I must really love it. 

One of the reasons I love it so much is because of this...

Is he excited for that cookie, or what!?!?

I thought I was the only one that was this moved by cookies. I'm so happy to see that someone else loves them as much as me.

One of the reasons this little boy is so excited is because he is born to be a firefighter, just like his grandfather. And he loves his special firefighter badge cookie!!

Do you remember me mentioning Ted and Sharen Reigh from Reigh Enterprises (a printing and embroidery company)? A while back they ordered salamander cookies. Not the original Sal cookies (click here). Those were ordered by Salamander Magazine. But new Sal cookies for a local reading competition. 

They wanted Sal with glasses ... it was my idea to add the book... see?

The reading group loved their cookies. Sal is just so darn cute and smart. Did you know he's a card-carrying member of Mensa? Yep, he is. I'm a card-carrying member of Cookie Mensa. It exists, don't worry, no need to rush and Google it. Just take my word for it.

So anyway, this Sal cookie was the birth of my new friendship with Ted and Sharen. 

They run a business called Reigh Enterprises. I've ordered a bunch of Flour Box shirts, etc from them. They do a really great job and the prices can't be beat. They ship all over...so you don't have to be local to order. I still need to take and show you pictures of all my Flour Box items. I just haven't had a good hair day in forever. *wink wink* I promise to show you the loot soon...in the meantime, here is a sneak peek!!

The messenger bag I ordered and LOVE:

And you may remember our new bear 'Flower'? 

He's now part of the family!

Not only have Ted and Sharen done a fantastic job on the items I've ordered, but they also have surprised us with quite a few bonus items along the way...like Flower.

And, did I mention that Sharen made herself a few FBB logo shirts?!!? She did! Every time I see her she's wearing one! How cool is that? She told me she wore it to Wegmans and had two people ask her if that was a local business. She's even advertising for me!

So you can imagine how much I wanted to do something special in return to say thank you. During our first meeting I remember Sharen telling me a little bit about how they started their business. Ted is a retired volunteer firefighter. He served for 30 years in the King of Prussia Fire Department, including a stint as the assistant fire chief. Talk about dedication, 30 years! Their grandson (pictured above) loves everything firefighter! Ted and Sharen wanted to get their grandson a 'Future Firefighter' t-shirt made with his name on it. But, they couldn't find a company that would make just one shirt. So, they took matters into their own hands and set up shop. They now make orders that are shipping nationally and internationally and it all started with that one firefighter t-shirt!

I knew what I had to do. I searched high and low for the perfect firefighter cookie cutters and found some great ones on Ann Clark's website. I found out from Sharen the King of Prussia's company number...#53.

And then, I got to work. I made a fire truck, badge, hat and hydrant! 



Here's the full set.

In hindsight, I wish I would have put a few of these in with the order...

Next time. :-)

When I delivered the cookies to Ted, he said, "I just got chills when I looked at these cookies!" I just wanted to give him a big squeeze! He was so cute!

I actually made these cookies the same week as the nurse cookies. It was fun to make something special to honor those people that give so selflessly every day. Firefighters and nurses are the true heroes in life. 

Then Ted and Sharen being the wonderful grandparents they are, shared the cookies with their grandkids! 

I guess if I ever have a unmotivated feeling about decorating cookies I can just look at the picture of Ted and Sharen's grandson and remind myself of why I love to make cookies. It's all for the smiles!

Have a sweet day!


P.S. In case you have any printing or embroidery needs, you can contact Ted and Sharen of Reigh Enterprises at 814-355-0069 

or reighent@aol.com. They are located in Milesburg, PA.