Penguin Cookie - a quick look!

Posted by Anne Yorks on Friday, January 16, 2015

January is a cold month for Pennsylvania. I bundle up my girls each day before school with a hat and scarf! So, I thought I'd bundle up this cute penguin cookie, too!

Watch this timelapse video of me decorating a cute penguin cookie from start to finish. The video is sped up...so it's only 1:20 long, but in real time it took me about 7 minutes total of decorating time (the video also does not show the drying time. I allow 1-2 hours of drying before flooding neighboring colors, especially when white and black are next to each other. This reduces the chance of color bleeding) Happy Watching!

Since I wanted a chubby penguin, I used my ladybug cutter for the design, available in the Flour Box online shop here.

I used a round #2 tip for the outlining and details available online here. And a #7 star tip for the scarf. 


The tool used to wiggle and bump icing into place is the Scribe tool. The thin tip is also great for creating the marbled look on the knit hat! A toothpick will do the same stuff, but I like the thinner tip of the scribe and the longer handle!

I hope you enjoyed the video and tips for creating this penguin cookie!

Happy Decorating!