Empty Nest Syndrome

Posted by Anne Yorks on Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I knew it would happen. I thought I was prepared.

My birds left the nest today.

Here is one of the birds sitting on the edge of the nest, getting ready to join the real world.

Mamacita brought a worm to the bird. Tempted her with it. And flew to the ground in hopes of getting the baby to follow. It was so amazing to watch this little important moment on our deck.

And here is another bird that made the leap and was chilling in the grass for the first time. Amazing. A week ago this bird barely had fuzz and his eyes were still closed. 

I can't believe I actually feel so sad about them leaving. I had the eggs for two weeks and the birds for another two. I have become so accustomed to checking them morning, noon and night. I'm not sure what I will do now. I think I need a cookie. I have an extra from a recent order. Cookies and milk always make me feel so much better. 

On a happy note...I do have a *winner* from the 'Name that Bird' Contest. Laurie, of State College, is the proud new owner of the adorable Flour Box Bakery Boat Tote! 

Congratulations. Her name suggestions were...Sugar, Flour, Egg, and Salt. So clever! Thanks to everyone that played along. I loved all the fun names!

Have you checked out the Father's Day Cookies? The order deadline is June 14th. 

All-Star Dad (click here for order details)

World's Best Dad (click here for order details)

I had a church meeting after the photo shoot with these cookies. So I brought the extras to share with my friends. Here is my Pastor with a cookie...

Isn't that so funny? Jonthan's funny. He plays the guitar and his wife plays the drums in our church band. Toph and I are on a team that's planting a church in Boalsburg in the Mt. Nittany Middle School called Centre Church. We'll meet Sunday evening starting this September. If you're local and are interested in following our planning a bit...check out Jonathan's blog at www.centrechurch.org

Then, later that day, I looked at the camera only to discover a few 'Toph Self Portraits'. For your viewing pleasure...

Toph's striped cookie necktie

Toph eating his cookie.

Toph happy after enjoying his edible tie.

What a guy! Thanks Toph!!

Tomorrow, I'll have a super cute cupcake post. Until then,

Have a sweet day,