Cupcake Cookie Video

Posted by Anne Yorks on Friday, January 30, 2015

I have a soft spot for cute, easy cookies. And there's nothing cuter and easier that an cupcake cookie, right?! Since I started making cookies, I have made thousands of cupcakes in various designs and colors. They are my favorite go-to shape to decorate because they are adorable, uncomplicated, and most of all - fun! Plus, a cupcake design works great for any celebration and holiday! Here are a few of my favorite cupcake cookies! 

You can take a quick look at how I decorated these cupcakes (start to finish) on the timelapse video below. The video is sped up...so it's only :50 long, but in real time it took me about 4-5 minutes total of decorating time for each cupcake. (the video also does not show the drying time. I allow 1-2 hours of drying before flooding neighboring colors, especially when dark and light colors are next to each other. This reduces the chance of color bleeding and also adds a nice dimension to the cookie design) Happy Watching!

This is the swirly cupcake cutter used to create the cupcake in the video and it's available here in the online shop. It's a great size and I love the swirl at the top!


This is another favorite cupcake cutter ... I love the chubbier size and rounder look. This is what I used for the turkey cookie pictured in the cupcake collage!


When outlining and piping the details, I'm using a #2 PME Tip.

I use both bottles and bags when decorating with flood icing. For large areas, I use the 8, 12, and 16 oz standard squeeze bottles - they are the easiest to fill and clean. But when I'm doing small areas, I especially like the bottles with couplers that come in 2 oz and 8oz.

I hope you are enjoying these videos. We are really enjoying making them! We are getting a great response and have connected to so many other new cookie decorators. A few have sent in suggestions for new video ideas - so thank you! We are working on slowing them down and adding a step-by-step tutorial. Hopefully coming soon! In the meantime, happy decorating!