My First Cookie - The Teacup! (and a quick-look video!)

Posted by Anne Yorks on Friday, February 6, 2015

Once in awhile someone will comment or post that they could never decorate a cookie like I do. Would you like to see my first attempt? This is proof that we all start somewhere and a little practice goes a long way!

There she is in all her glory! I can remember it like it was yesterday (but it was actually 7 years ago). As soon as I piped the last detail, I called my mom so excited and asked her to come over right away to see my amazing cookies. She rushed right over and when she saw them she exclaimed, "They're gorgeous! You're going to be on the Food Network!!" We both gushed over these beautiful teacups.

Truth be told, my first attempt was not my best work to date. But I remember exactly how much work, attention and love when into those cookies. I still love this teacup cookie and I'm still proud of it, but I'm glad I have continued to practice and learn how to decorate with royal icing over the years.

These are the teacups I made that are featured in today's video:

Just a little difference, right? :)

Would you like to see a timelapse video on how these teacups were made? Here you go! Keep in mind, this video is sped up...so it's only a minute long, but in real time it took me about 7-8 minutes total of decorating time for each teacup. (the video also does not show the drying time. I allow 1-2 hours of drying before flooding neighboring colors, especially when dark and light colors are next to each other. This reduces the chance of color bleeding and also adds a nice dimension to the cookie design) Happy Watching!

 Here is the teacup cookie cutter used to make these cookies. They are available here in my online shop.

I hope you are enjoying these videos. We are really enjoying making them! We are getting a great response and have connected to so many other new cookie decorators. A few have sent in suggestions for new video ideas - so thank you! We are working on slowing them down and adding a step-by-step tutorial. Hopefully coming soon! In the meantime, happy decorating!



  • Jackie

    Feb 08, 2015

    I’m so relieved after seeing your first attempt, I struggle with pipping & just learning cake decorating I have been watching your videos & thought what a fab way to practice…Just need a good cookie recipe

  • Kathy Sweeney

    Feb 08, 2015

    You’re my hero! Thanks so much for sharing your inspirational journey!

  • Helen

    Feb 08, 2015

    You’ve inspired me!
    Seeing where you started and what you can do now has made me realise all I need to do is practice to get good at decorating!
    I’ll use your videos to help me!
    And this time I’m not going to give up!


  • Luzviminda C. Salonga

    Feb 08, 2015


  • Momina shehzad

    Feb 07, 2015

    its really nice i could not even make it like that

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