Daisies for the Daisy Girl Scouts

Posted by Anne Yorks on Thursday, June 17, 2010

A few weeks ago, a friend that is a local Daisy Girl Scout Troop leader, asked me to help her make their last meeting of the year super special. She suggested that I host a cookie decorating party. As a former Girl Scout, I was so excited to have this opportunity. I have dreamed of hosting decorating parties for a little while now - and this was my first chance to give it a test run!

Here was my audience.

Nine little Daisies, plus my little girl on the end at the left (in stripes).

Before the meeting I did a lot of prep work. My packing list was two pages long!! I had everything I thought I would need and then a little extra! I had my mixer, bowls, food coloring, cookie books, sprinkles, my favorite rolling pin, cookie cutters, and tons of icing in pink, purple, white and yellow. And the list goes on.

I premade each girl three daisy shaped cookies. I applied the first layer of icing and let it dry so that they could do the fun part with the piping bags.

Before we started the party, I gave them a little run down of how I make my cookies. I showed them how I mix my icing and introduced them to my good friend Pinkie (my mixer. And oddly enough, one of the girls told me she had a pillow named Pinkie. I mean c'mon. What are the chances of that?! I think my mixer and her pillow could be BFFs).

This is me and Pinkie. 

Once the icing was made, I demonstrated how I outline the cookie and fill it in with the thinner 'runny' icing.

The girls were so into it!

So then the real fun began....THE DECORATING!

The girls were so good at decorating. 

They made dots, lines, stars, and faces. 

I think I found some future Flour Box employees!!

I was blown away by their creativity! And boy did they like squeezing on the icing! I was worried that it would be tough for them to squeeze the piping bags. I used tips #3 (round) and #14 (star) for the party. They worked great! 

Then of course, I had to bring a little present for each girl.  I gave them each a personalized jumbo daisy cookie (the same ones I put in the Secret Keeper Girl cookie boxes).

It was an awesome night! Then a few weeks after my Daisy visit, the thank you notes started pouring in. Most of the girls took the time to write me a personalized thank you note and mail it to me. I felt so special! I hope they invite me back again next year!! Maybe next year we can add a Flour Box patch to their tunics? These were some seriously talented girls. 

I don't know if cookie decorating is a 'badge' event. But I think it would be so cool!

Have a sweet day!