More Daisies

Posted by Anne Yorks on Saturday, June 19, 2010

I promise this is the last daisy cookie post for a little while. I do a LOT of daisies each week, which is great because they are my favorite flower ... and one of my favorite cookies.

A few weeks ago, I tested a new cookie technique that I found on a cool blog called, Snarg. It's written by a young mom named Alison that lives in Texas. I'm not sure what Snarg means. We'll have to ask Alison about that. The blog is great fun if you love cookies and baking and a few little girl stories. Alison's recent entry 'The Poop Story' actually made me laugh out loud. I think any parent could appreciate that one! 

Alison created a tutorial on how to create a cookie with a 'brush embroidery' look. I just love how this looks. I think it would be great on a wedding cake cookie, don't you?

Here are the cookies from my first try...

Not too bad...but I just didn't think they looked exactly how I wanted them too.

I decided to give it another try. 

Allison used a colored background with white piped icing. I decided to go that route for my second try - so I flipped the colors from how I did it the first time. 

I liked these results better than the first.

A closer look...

When I looked back at Allison's tutorial, I realized that she overlaps her brush strokes. I think I might try that next time. Although, I do like having the color show through from the background too.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I really want a cookie today. I made a bunch for our Father's Day picnic tomorrow. I think I might have to sneak one. I can't look at pictures of cookies and not feel hungry for one. Good thing I have to mow two lawns every week. I have a small chance of fitting into my jeans this fall.

Speaking of Father's Day...I'm so excited to give Toph his surprise present. I tried to come up with something special this year... and I think I just might surprise him with my plan! I'll give you the full rundown as soon as the cat is out of the bag tomorrow!

This year, we are having both of our families over for a picnic. The menu will include pulled pork sandwiches with 'The Neelys' barbecue sauce recipe and meatball sandwiches. Everyone is bringing something to share...seems like we'll have a nice selection of salads and dips to round out the picnic feast...oh yes...and of course the cookies. I made the same ones I offered on my site. The ties and sports cookies. I hope all the dads like them! 

That's all for today. I have several other projects to post...but for that's all I got for today!

Have a sweet Father's Day!!