Ruby Wedding Anniversary

Posted by Anne Yorks on Monday, June 28, 2010

One of my sweetest customers planned a beautiful party for her in-laws 40th Wedding Anniversary. She contacted me months in advance to commission a special set of wedding themed cookies for the event. Because the 40th anniversary is the 'ruby' anniversary she decided she wanted everything with red accents...including a very sparkly ruby ring! {enter the Disco Dust - Yippee!!}

I met my customer to deliver the cookies and got to meet her face to face after months of email communication. Of course we exchanged a big hug because it seemed like we knew each other for a long time. Funny how planning cookies can be such a bonding experience.

This collection was also exciting because I used a new cookie cutter (the rosebud) and I got to use *Disco Dust* for the first time!! I love it so much! If it wasn't so dang expensive I would put in on everything! Even my mashed potatoes. I love lots of sparkle!!!

Here are a few pictures of the individual cookies from the order.

The tuxedo heart cookie. I put a red bowtie on the cookie instead of the traditional black bowtie.

My customer selected the full wedding gown to go with the tuxedo cookie. 

She could have chosen this bride heart cookie, but in the end she wanted the full gown so that we could incorporate more red accents into the design.

Here is the *new* red rosebud cookie. 

This was the first time I used this cookie cutter. I really love this design. So sleek and pretty. Since this ruby anniversary order, I have used the rose a few times. I like the red, but I also really like it in yellow too...

The yellow rose is a symbol of friendship. Wouldn't this be a sweet way to let a friend know you are thinking of them and that you appreciate their friendship? 

In addition to the bride, groom and rose cookies, I also made a personalized wedding cake with pearl accents. I place each pearl on the cake using a pair of food-only tweezers. I like to make sure each pearl is perfectly positioned on the cookie.

Here is the cookie dressed up in it's cookie bag with a red satin ribbon.

The last cookie in the Ruby Anniversary order was the sparkly ruby ring cookie.

I ordered red disco dust to sprinkle generously on the ruby part of the ring. It's a little tough to see in the photograph, but it's actually REALLY glitzy! Then I painted the ring and setting with silver luster dust. I just loved the finished product. 

My customer sent me a few great pictures from the party.

Here is the beautiful bride trying on her ruby ring cookie. 

And here is the happy couple. So sweet.

The cookies were given out as favors at the party and set at each place setting. Then the extras were placed on the photo table with a  dozen gorgeous red roses. Here are the cookies with a photo from their wedding day.

Just look at all those pictures from their 40 years of marriage!


So many wonderful memories.

Here is one final picture - my favorite. I set it up like a wedding ceremony. The wedding cake in the center is the officiant. The bride and groom cookies are in the middle. The red roses are the bridesmaids and the ruby rings are the groomsmen. 

Thank you, Nina, for the order and thanks for being such a fun customer. I really enjoyed making these cookies. 

Tomorrow, I have a few other custom cookies to show you, including another disco dust cookie! I'm so excited - it's a so much sparkle!

Have a sweet day,