I Scream, You Scream

Posted by Anne Yorks on Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Anyone out there watching The Next Food Network Star?

Toph and I have been sucked in. We really don't watch much TV in the summer...but this show is the big exception. We watched the latest episode last night on TiVo and loved it. I'm a huge Aarti fan. Huge! I just love all her food and I want to make it too. As a matter of fact, I'm planning to make these kebabs SOON. Check out her amazing recipe by clicking here. It got rave reviews from the chef's panel of judges. In case you're wondering, Toph is a Herb fan. I think he picked him as a joke, but after last night, Toph is legitimately routing for the guy. He seems to be a huge success story in the making.  

Speaking of summer...I can't believe it's almost July! We celebrate my mom's birthday this week and I have a super yummy cookie surprise for her. It's a secret, but I'll post pictures after her birthday dinner party!

I love making special cookie projects for my family. Recently my sister-in-law asked me to make a special batch of cookies for her aunt as a thank you gift. Her aunt gave her son a special sleepover party!

Since the highlight of the sleepover was her son's first ice cream cone, she asked me to include a few ice cream cone cookies with the order.

Don't these look so fun? I love colorful sprinkles!!

Topher loved this cookie so much. I was glad I had made extras for him to enjoy.

I know most people think vanilla is boring or *gasp* plain. But not me. It's actually one of my favorite flavors (and scents too). I just love vanilla ice cream with colored sprinkles and a pretzel cone. That is my ultimate summer treat. Simple and delicious!

Here is my nephew's cookie...he is one of those cool toddlers that has a little spiky hairdo.

In case you're wondering why Father's Day is still on the site - I'm working on several website updates this week. Specifically, I'll be adding three new collections for summer, plus my Day at the Beach collection! Stay tuned :-) They are super cute. AND I'm adding a new cookie flavor to one of the collections - yep, that's right! A special flavor just for summer. I think they are also super tasty!

Have a sweet day!