Tulips - a time lapse video

Posted by Anne Yorks on Friday, February 27, 2015

Cookies don't have to be complicated to be pretty, right? The details are fun, but there is something equally nice and satisfying to a simple, colorful cookie design. 

I love the dimension of the tulip petals. They are created just by allowing the side petals to dry first before filling in the center petal.
Here's a quick look at the decorating of this cookie. 
It's a time-lapse video - so it is sped up. Also, I usually allow 1-2 hours of drying time before flooding a neighboring icing area.
This is the cookie cutter - it's a tall cookie at 5.5". It's available here in the Flour Box shop.
There are lot of Spring and Easter cutters now ready to ship. You can view them here!
Maybe if we make enough spring cookies, spring will actually come! No more snowmen! Let's unite!
Happy Decorating,