Flour Box Bakery is Going Green - a Leprechaun Time Lapse Video

Posted by Anne Yorks on Friday, March 6, 2015

Do you make green Mashed Potatoes in your house on March 17th! We do - along with corned beef and cabbage! So in celebration of St. Patrick's Day, Flour Box Bakery is going green with these cute cookies!

I got a little creative with my cookie cutters on the leprechauns. Can you guess? Why don't you watch this start-to-finish look at the decorating of the cookie and let me know if you can determine the cutter.

I use Royal Icing to decorate my cookies - there is an easy to follow video recipe tutorial available in the tutorial shop....http://www.flourboxbakery.com/collections/tutorials.

The tool that I'm using to wiggle and pull the icing is called a scribe tool. A toothpick will do the same thing, but I like the longer handle on the scribe tool. Plus, the tip is just a little thinner - allowing it to wiggle into the smallest nooks! it's available in the online shop here!

Okay...did you guess the cutter? It's a diamond ring! That wasn't tough, was it? This cutter and more are avialable online! We have a been adding lots of new cutters to the online - check it out here!

We have a few more St. Patrick's Day cookie videos coming - stay tuned!! 

Happy Decorating,