Irish Cupcake - Time Lapse Video

Posted by Anne Yorks on Wednesday, March 11, 2015

If I were ever stranded on a deserted island (or maybe it should be desserted!), and could only bring one cutter with me. I'd definitely take my swirly cupcake cookie cutter (available here). I use it every week and for every holiday! It's just so sweet and fun!

 Don't believe me? Take a look-see! 

Here is a time-lapse video of an Irish Cupcake. Remember, the video does not show drying time! I do allow several hours of dry time before flooding neighboring colors!

I used a few different tip numbers (available here) while  making this cookie. The outlines are done with #2. I flooded the cookie with a #3 (it's a bigger opening and makes for faster work).

I flooded the green wrapper first and let it dry for a few hours. Then I came back and flooded the white top. Immediately after the white is flooded, while it is still wet, I add the polka dots. I used a #2 tip on the dark green bigger dots, and a #1 tip on both the light green and yellow to control the smaller dot shapes. When doing the polka dots on the white, I allow 30-90 seconds dry time for the white to set-up just a little bit (keeps the dots from spreading) before adding the dots. I actually do 2-4 cookies at a time - flooding all the whites on all the cookies and then I go back and add the dots on all the cookies. Just that little amount of time keeps the dots from spreading too much. I don't want to wait too long, allowing too much dry time, because the dot won't melt flat into the white background.

Then I used a #101 for the buckle. (to learn more about making royal icing and piping and flooding - check out the tutorials in the Flour Box Bakery Online Shop)

Cute and festive, and not too tough - just the way I like my cookies!

Want a little more cupcake fun? Check out this sweet, swirly cupcake from Valentine's Day...

And if these videos didn't provide enough excitement - I've got news for you! The Flour Box Bakery Facebook page just hit ONE MILLION LIKES! We will be celebrating with a HUGE GIVEAWAY...stay tuned for details!

Happy Decorating,