A Time Lapse Video of the Snow Princess

Posted by Anne Yorks on Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sing along with me ...

Do you want to make a cookie? Come on let's decorate!

I have been singing this over and over in my head. Maybe because this might be one of my favorite videos so far! Check it out! 

In order to show the full decorating process, this video is a time lapse. That means it is sped up. Actually, because of all the icing areas and details...this video is quite fast compared to the actual decorating time. This cookie is at least 8-9 minutes of decorating, PLUS dry time. I like to let my icing areas dry 1-2 hours before flooding neighboring colors.

My favorite part of decorating this cookie is braiding the hair... this is an short little video from the @flourboxbakery Instagram account...


Braiding hair in the bakery today!

A video posted by Flour Box Bakery (@flourboxbakery) on


To make the braid, I use a tip #2 and create a series of overlapping hearts. When layered together, they look like a pretty braid!

This cookie is made using a cookie cutter that I designed. It is available in the Flour Box online shop here.

I have used it for lots of different cookie designs...check it out!


I hope you enjoyed this video as much as I enjoyed making the cookies! Stay tuned, because there is one of her sister coming very soon!

Happy Decorating!