Easter Bunny and Basket Time Lapse Videos

Posted by Anne Yorks on Friday, March 27, 2015

It is Easter crosses, bunnies, and eggs as far as you can see in the bakery right now! Well, we are small, so I guess you don't have to look too far! But we are full of good baking smells! That is for sure!

Last week I taught a class with a Spring theme. I had an awesome group of students and we had a lot of fun! The class ran a little long because we were working so hard on all our projects.

Here are some of what we worked on... We stenciled with royal icing. We practiced brushed icing. We also made icing flowers and basketweave. And, we used our airbrush to add shading to the butterfly cookie. The class was packed with lots of information!

When making the class samples, we took a video of a few of the projects. These are time lapse videos, so they are sped up! There is drying time between each color (1-2 hours) and drying time before details are added!

The first video is a flower basket.

Just press play to watch the making of this cookie! The basketweave sure is a test of patience!! 

I use royal icing on my cookies, including the flowers. A video tutorial is available here in the shop. I used a #2 tip for the outlining and flooding. I used the #101 tip for the flowers and a #352 tip for the leaves. That cute bow is made using the leaf tip #67 (all coming soon to the shop!!) 

I used the 3.5" egg to make this cookie. It is available here in the online shop.


Would you like to see Mr. Bunny, too? He's a great example of bringing a cookie character to life! 


I used a food marker for the whiskers. And I used tip #67 for the bowtie (also coming soon!). It's so quick and easy to do it that way! The petal dust is just the perfect blush for cookies. To get a light blush, I like to use the Flamingo pink available here.

Mr. Bunny is a lot of fun to do. I actually think he might be my new favorite cutter! 


I'll be using him again soon since my daughter's dance class is doing a bunny dance. Can you image this as a little ballerina bunny! I'm excited just at the thought. 

There are a few more fun Easter videos coming. I can't wait to share! Until then...happy decorating!!