Introducing Super Gaby!

Posted by Anne Yorks on Sunday, April 12, 2015

One girl is so special and so brave that she deserved to be transformed into a superhero cookie! Introducing Super Gaby!

Would you like to see how she was decorated? Check out this super cool video...

For the decorating, I used royal icing in a piping and flooding consistency - a tutorial video on how to make the icing is available in the online shop here.

I used PME tip #2 for the outlines and details!

The superhero cookie cutter was perfect for making Super Gaby. It is also available in my online shop here.

This is another version that I did with a boy theme...

One of the accent cookies in this set is made using my favorite plaque cutter and the big swirl stencil. 

This is the cutter. Isn't it so cool?


This is the stencil. I also use it to create rays of sun!

We now carry more than 30 stencil designs. you can check them all out here in the online shop!

I hope you enjoyed the making of Super Gaby!