Metamorphosis of a Cookie (Butterfly cookie time-lapse video)

Posted by Anne Yorks on Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Last summer our family discovered several monarch caterpillars in our yard. For the next 10 days the four of us were totally captivated by the caterpillars transformation into a butterfly!

The transformation of a cookie is just as fascinating. It's fun to remember that decorated cookies were once just butter, sugar, flour and eggs and the transformation to a beautiful cookie is amazing.

Would like to see a video on the creation of this butterfly cookie? I love how the airbrush adds a burst of color to the shading on the wings!

One of the benefits of using royal icing is that is dries smooth (and hard like candy). This property allows beautiful dimension to be created. Take a look at the butterfly cookies from this perspective. The section on the wings are created merely by allowing the top section to dry completely before flooding the bottom section. It's a simple cookie decorating concept with magnificent results!

Here is the same design in a pink color. The pink airbrush on the edge of the wing adds the drama!

These butterfly cookie cutter shapes are both available in the online shop...

This one is taller and narrower...

And this one is wider and slightly shorter.

I love both styles!

Happy Decorating!