Catching Up

Posted by Anne Yorks on Thursday, September 2, 2010

Here it is. September. 
While I love summer, I really love autumn! It's my favorite season. I think it's the start of everything: school, football, cooler weather, changing leaves. 

This week, I took my mom to the Centre County Grange and Encampment Fair. I think it's the largest, longest running encampment fair in the United States.

From their website, "The Grange Fair is a city within a town, as campers "move into" the Grange Park in Centre Hall, PA to live for more than a week. Come for the concerts, the rides, the amazing food, the games, and the competitions. But you'll come on back for the experience of being in one of the most uniquely friendly "hometowns" in America...at the Great Grange Fair!"

This is how most of the campers stay...in tents. Even in the rain! There are just rows and rows of tents. And those that are on the waiting list camp in a camper/RV. And there are rows and rows of those too! 

But don't let the simple set-up fool you! These tents have all the amenities of a home, mini-fridges, computers, mini-kitchens, furniture...the list goes on.

Plus, some campers add a little personalization to their space (check out the street signs!!)

And some add a lot! There is a competition for tent decorating. If this didn't win, I would be shocked!!

We enjoyed the animals...

This was my mom's first trip to the Grange Fair. It was so fun walking through the cow barns with a born-and-raised Philly girl. She was so funny trying to dodge the excrements from our mooing friends. I wish I had sounds bites from the experience! You would think 10 years in Kempton (my childhood hometown) would have prepared her for this - it didn't.

We played a few games and of course left with 2 bags of Puff aka Cotton Candy.

Now for a little cookie catch-up. I have been busy, busy this summer. Here are a few snaps from some projects that have not yet made it on the blog.

A client hosted a Classic Pooh Baby Shower. She wanted onesies, and I added a honey pot, a bumble bee, and a golden bear to the chest of the onesie.

A few close-ups...

I made a 'chunky' bee with heart wings.

The 'Hunny' is spilling over the edge of the pot!

A happy bear.

This summer I also had the honor of making a special cookie for George and Isabelle's 1st Holy Communion. Look at these cuties!

They are the niece and nephew of my sister-in-law Kim (the knitter). Here is Isabelle with my cutie little nephew. Look at that sweater vest!!!

And here is the cookie. 

They wanted a chalice cookie favor with blue and gold. (They have a family chalice that looks similar) I added gold sugar to the chalice stem for a little extra sparkle.

It took me a little searching to find the right cookie cutter. I ordered the cutter on the right first. I laughed when it came in  -  it was so tiny! Then I found the copper cutter on the left. The company was able to rush the shipping and I got the cutter just in time to bake the order.

Here are George and Isabelle handing out their cookie favors to their special guests.

A couple months ago I also got a special request for a tool birthday cookie order!

The order was for a special birthday dad who is talented with his tools.

I painted the head of the hammer and the blade of the saw with silver luster dust.

The client also asked for a cookie of his dad. Here is his dad...

Since he normally wears glasses (not as pictured), his son asked me to add glasses to the cookie version.

These portrait cookies seem to be popular. A few weeks ago I did a lingerie themed bridal shower and the mother-of-the-groom requested a cookie of the bride and groom. (Sorry no pics of the lingerie cookies - they are tasteful, but still don't fit in with the 'G' rated content I like to post on my site and blog. Pics are available upon request)

Here is the bride and groom...

For their portrait cookie, I decided to dress them up in a wedding gown and tuxedo.

The groom...

And the bride...


I think it is fun turning people into portrait cookies. 

If you want to see my family as cookies click here to see my cookie family tree. The best one was Topher. 

And although he's not in my family (i wish!), my second favorite portrait cookie is Joe Paterno.

Speaking of JoePa...my football/tailgating cookie collection will be available starting September 7th...CAN'T WAIT TO SHOW YOU THE PICTURES!!! No JoePa's though. He's Penn State protected. : (

I still have so much to share! But, this is a good start! Coming soon...

1. Pirate Themed Party
2. Pink Themed Party
3. And more Wedding cookies!!!

Until then, have a sweet day!!