How to Decorate a Watermelon Slice Cookie

Posted by Anne Yorks on Monday, May 11, 2015

Watermelon is a must at any picnic, right? And, I personally think watermelon cookies should also be a staple. They are easy to make and so super cute!!

Plus, I finally found a watermelon slice cookie cutter I like. It's a great size at 4 1/2". It's available here in the Flour Box Online Shop!


Here is a video on how decorate this cookie!

I actually used 3 consistencies of icing. The pipe and flood royal icing are the same that I show how to make in this royal icing tutorial...click here to watch. But for the white and green sections I use a 20-second icing. This icing is thicker than the flood, but thinner than the pipe. If I pull a spatula through the bowl, the line it creates in the icing will take about 20 seconds to disappear. This icing is great for small areas that might normally crack or crater during drying. It's perfect for the watermelon rind.

Do you like that cute 'have a sweet day' cookie? I used my narrow stripes stencil to create the picnic table cloth gingham pattern. I airbrushed the stripes horizontal and then again vertical. It's so cute and easy. 

This stencil is available here in the shop!

That's all for today! Happy Decorating!