It's Harvest Time!

Posted by Anne Yorks on Sunday, October 10, 2010

**A Note from Anne: The Halloween Cookie Project is just about to get started! Did you know that 15 Penn State students are taking over the business side of Flour Box Bakery in October? Read more about this project with the class ENG 310-Entrepreneurial Leadership by clicking here. This is the second of four blog posts that will introduce the four Penn State teams and their products. Each team selected one cookie collection and is responsible for writing the product information, a blog post, and facebook and twitter updates. Plus, each blog post will feature a contest created by each team for FREE COOKIES!! A total of 4 cookie gifts will be given away! All four collections will be available for sale starting October 13th. Orders must be placed by October 25th. Quantities are fixed and the first team to sell out wins!! All orders will ship between Oct. 26 - 28**

Harvest Time

What comes to mind when you think of the fall season? Maybe it’s the changing color of the leaves, or perhaps pumpkin picking. Happy Valley Harvest, a branch of Flour Box Bakery, is offering a delectable collection of cookies that include some symbols of the season.

This Year’s Harvest

Our collection, entitled “Harvest Time,” features twelve cookies:

6 leaves
    2 red
    1 orange
    1 yellow 
    1 brown
    1 green
2 pumpkins
2 thanksgiving baskets
2 apples
    1 macintosh
    1 golden delicious

Why should I order Happy Valley Harvest? 


The Harvest Time collection is for those who want an elegant selection of seasonal cookies that taste as delicious as they look. Each cookie is hand-rolled, and hand-decorated with care and precision. All Flour Box Bakery cookies are mixed with the perfect blend of flour, sugar, butter, eggs, pure vanilla, and the most important ingredient, love.

Holiday Needs
These cookies meet all holiday needs. Whether you planning to have friends over during the fall and looking to treat them to something special or you are hosting an event and would like to serve beautiful, gourmet cookies, any fall event is the perfect time to serve “Harvest Time.” Bring home a delicious harvest to share with your family and friends and make the occasion special.

Passion and dedication for excellence
Anne Yorks, Flour Box Baker, makes each cookie included in the “Harvest Time” Collection. She loves to bake and hear positive feedback from her customers. Read “The Flour Box Bakery Story” for more information about the love behind the cookie.

The following cookie contest is suitable for cookie connoisseurs of all ages. 

"A touch of leaf"

"All our apples in one basket”

“No rake required” 

“Pie? Meet the Cookie.” 

“Harvest Time” Collection Giveaway Contest

How would you like to haul in a harvest this holiday for free? Participate in our “Happy Valley Harvest Giveaway Contest” and you will receive 1 free collection containing all twelve of the “Harvest Time” cookies!

Three ways to enter:

1)    Comment on Flour Box Bakery's Facebook page

2)    Reply to a tweet on Flour Box Bakery's Twitter page (“re-tweet”)

3)    Post a comment on this blog post.

Comment topic suggestions *Each entry must include the phrase “Happy Valley Harvest”*:

1)  your favorite part about autumn and why!

2)  your favorite fall food (turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie) and why!

3)  your favorite Halloween costume and why!

Contestants will enter a random drawing and will be notified if selected as the winner. The deadline to enter this contest is 11:59PM, October 17th, 2010. The winner will be announced on October 20th, 2010 via email.

A “sweet” idea

What do you get when you take two engineers, a financial analyst, and an accountant and put them in charge of marketing seasonal treats? A sweet idea. These four undergraduate students are apart of Happy Valley Harvest, a branch of Flour Box Bakery, and are working hard to deliver these alluring autumn treats to you.

Happy Valley Harvest team from left to right: Nick, Zaid, Zach, Keith