Cookie Crew Presents Haunted House! {GIVEAWAY}

Posted by Anne Yorks on Tuesday, October 12, 2010

**A Note from Anne: The Halloween Cookie Project is just about to get started! Did you know that 15 Penn State students are taking over the business side of Flour Box Bakery in October? Read more about this project with the class ENG 310-Entrepreneurial Leadership by clicking here. This is the fourth and final blog post that will introduce the four Penn State teams and their products. Each team selected one cookie collection and is responsible for writing the product information, a blog post, and facebook and twitter updates. Plus, each blog post will feature a contest created by each team for FREE COOKIES!! A total of 4 cookie gifts will be given away! All four collections will be available for sale starting October 13th. Orders must be placed by October 25th. Quantities are fixed and the first team to sell out wins!! All orders will ship between Oct. 26 - 28**

Hi everyone! We are the Cookie Crew and we’re extremely excited to bring you one of the best cookie collections that Flour Box Bakery has ever created.  But first, let us introduce ourselves.  Our team consists of Dan Aknouk, Patrick Chou, Ben Clark, and Tyler Nehlig.  We are all part of Penn State’s Entrepreneurship class.

Now onto the Haunted House collection!  These cookies will bring all the ghouls to the yard!  Each collection comes with a huge variety of cookies that will make anyone’s Halloween a little spookier.


Just take a look at the amazing detail put into these spooktacular cookies!  The spider web cookie is by far the most unique cookie you will ever encounter.


We love the creativity of the names on the tombstone cookies.  The first one stumped us for a little bit!

The Haunted House collection is the perfect cookie set that you will need this holiday.  It is perfect for your family and friends to put you in the Halloween mood!


As a special treat (we promise it’s not a trick!), we will be giving away one box of Haunted House cookies to one special supporter!

All you have to do is either ‘like’ Flour Box Bakery on Facebook or follow us Twitter.  Once you have done one of the above, just post comment on this blog post, on the facebook wall, or tag us in a tweet with “I love the Cookie Crew!”.  You will be entered in our random drawing.  Make sure you do so by October 17th by midnight!  The winner will be notified by email on October 20th.

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Again, we are the Cookie Crew and help support us by purchasing the Haunted House collection starting October 13th!