Gobble, Gobble Em Up

Posted by Anne Yorks on Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gobble, Gobble Em Up!

Yep. That's my new title for the Turkey Thanksgiving Cookie Gift. Thanks to my friend Lisa for that funny name. My brain is drained from a week of total excitement, so "Gobble, Gobble Em Up" it is going to be! 

Here is a group photo and there are more detailed photos on the 'view larger' option on the product page. Check it out by clicking here.

Here are a few more recent cookie projects.

Forgot this one from before ... almost 200 celebration cake cookies for the PA Association for the Blind 100th Anniversary dinner. 

True Story: These cookies were finished and Topher and I were packing them up late at night. After about 50 were complete, Topher asked me "Is there a dot missing?" I thought it was a joke, but no, not a joke. A dot really was missing!! So we had to unpack all the cookies, re-dot them, let them dry, and then re-pack them. 

Topher never ceases to amaze me. I mean c'mon. Who spots a spelling error in Braille? Topher Yorks, that's who!! I was just so glad it was him and NOT the client. That would have been major bad stuff.

So then there are these. An autumn themed birthday collection. I liked making these a lot!

Plus another 21st birthday at Penn State. Sorry for the alcohol bottles. I know it's not my typical 'G' rated material, but I thought they were too cute not to share!

I also continue to do more and more golf cookies! This customer wanted a green/light green and red color scheme to match her party colors. Sorry the picture quality is crappy. Just took a quick snap with my phone camera before I packed them for shipping.

Okay, and here is my major big news. I'm so excited! Last week a photographer came out to my house to photo my cookies (and me too) for the December issue of the Town & Gown Magazine!!

John the photographer was so super cool! And what a great eye! I had a million plates, dishes, and centerpieces available for the photos. But he really wanted to keep it simple. 

Photos of cookies...

Photos of me decorating cookies...

And there were a few photos of me with a tray of cookies. 

What a fun time!! The magazine comes out the end of this month (November). Don't worry - there will be a blog update and photos and everything else that comes with having my cookies in a magazine! I'm just so thrilled.

Did I mention that the Christmas and Winter cookies will be hitting the site *this week*. Need a little sneak peek? Well, ok. Here you go ... just a peek!

This is from a NEW Christmas Cookie Assortment - Yummy and cute too. 

Have a sweet day!


P.S. Did I mention I made Mini-Cooper cookies. Not easy. But so fun! Can't wait to share those pictures soon!!

P.P.S Congratulations to Joe Paterno, best coach ever. Win #400 was amazing!  I took this photo just before the team ran out of the tunnel on Saturday. What a guy! What a game!

P.P.P.S. I am working on a fantastic, top-secret project for the final Penn State game of the season. I have been planning it out for some time and as the details come together, I get more and more excited!!