Santa's List and More

Posted by Anne Yorks on Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Did you make your Christmas shopping list yet? I haven't. I have ideas, but I really need to get things on paper and get moving. Thankfully both Bellefonte and State College are packed with wonderful, independently owned shops that provide unique gifts and service unparalleled at larger, box stores. In Bellefonte, I plan to visit Co2 Boutique, The Victorian Rose, and Pure Imagination. In State College, I hope to check out Animal Kingdom, Growing Tree Toys, Appalachian Outdoors, and a few of the Penn State shops. I really enjoy Christmas shopping, and usually a cup of coffee from Cool Beans (Bellefonte) or Saints Cafe (State College) makes it even more fun! Just curious - where do you like to go? I'm always looking for new ideas!

In case you are making your list, here are a few gift ideas that are perfect for friends and family of all ages. 

Santa's List Cookie Gift

Who's been nice? And who's been a naughty? (in case you're wondering, that 'Patti' on the naughty list is my mom. Heh. Heh. She got a good chuckle out of that!) This gift is CUSTOMIZABLE!! 

Have fun this Christmas Season with the 'Santa's List' Cookie Gift! Make your list and check it twice, then decide who goes on the 'Nice List' and who goes on the 'Naughty List'! CUSTOMIZE each list with up to four names each by Contacting Us (click Here) with your names and order number. Each cookie is hand-rolled and hand-iced with great care. This collection includes 12 cookies: 1 Santa, 1 Nice List, 1 Naughty List, 2 Coal Stockings, 4 medium Christmas gifts, and 3 small Christmas gifts.

Blue Snowflakes Cookie Gift

Warm up the holidays with this delicious and adorable snowflake collection. Each snowflake is uniquely decorated with lots of detail! This collection includes 16 cookies: 6 large snowflakes, 4 medium snowflakes, and 6 bite-size snowflakes!

For right now, this collection is available in blue, but I hope to offer more colors soon (maybe in January 2011)

Very Merry Christmas Cookie Gift

Sweeten up the holidays with this Very Merry Christmas Cookie Gift! Great as a gift for a long distance friend or for the host at a holiday party! This collection includes 14 cookies: 2 Christmas Trees, 2 Christmas Presents, 2 Ornaments, 2 Bells, 2 Holly Leaves, 2 Doves, and 2 Snowmen.

Hello from the snowmen!!

White Peace Dove Cookies

The whole crew all together! Do you like the Christmas Tree in the front? A little funky and a little fun!

Please keep in mind that I will be making fixed quantities for each Christmas collection. Once they are sold out, they will no longer be available in time for Christmas. Because Christmas is the busiest cookie season of the year, I'll be kicking my cookie production into turboboost!!! I can sleep in January, right? So hopefully there will be enough Flour Box Cookies to go around!

Are you doing your Christmas shopping now? Feel free to pre-order your cookies now and request to have them shipped in December. You are welcome to email me with any order questions at anne@flourboxbakery.com or complete the form on the 'Contact Us' page.

View all the Christmas and Winter Cookie Collections by clicking here to the product page!

Thanks and have a sweet day,